Dying is Entering Eternal Love

June 1, 2022 Love & Relationship No Comments

Mere ego dies. There is no afterlife.

Sorry, my dear ego readers. There is no heaven or hell for ego to continue doing its ego things.


Total self expands.

It is not an ego.

It becomes more and more

a universe.

Total self expands

during a whole life, if it gets the chance

and some support.

It grows.

Total self is expansion ― nothing less.

Therefore, it doesn’t die as ego dies.

You see?

Total self continually enters the eternal love of the universe ― drawn to love, by love, and in love

including when ego dies.

An eternal togetherness of loved ones ― souls who have no boundaries

in space or time.

Sorrow becomes eternal joy,

a tear, a smile.

A knowing, once there,

a never having doubted.

A being intimately close

for always.

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