All You Need is Love

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It’s easy. Yes, do you also remember the Beatles song, right in the sixties? It brings me way back to then. I loved it.

If you don’t know, the Internet came along meanwhile.

Do we need the Internet?

The song is about possibilities, about doing.

Don’t think you cannot. Believe you can ― if you can be present as a total person.

Everything is possible.

All you need?

That is: Everything else can be put in the context of this. If that seems exaggerated, then I agree. The meaning lies at a poetical level.

But at this level, it is so, so true.

What’s the point of anything if there is no point to be made within Love?

What is there to be sung, to be said, to be made or saved?

No territorial ego-fight, no loneliness

There is a mental overlapping and, from this, a being-together, a feeling together as one. This is the feeling that is generally associated with love.

A person-in-love can feel lonely when the other is not around, physically or psychologically. This loneliness vanishes with contact because the overlap is then again profoundly felt.

A more mature – may I say so? – person can feel Love more broadly and never be lonely. Note that Love gets a capital in this. Also, it gets closer and closer to a religious feeling.

For instance,

if you are in awe of a sunset, you feel the presence and wholeness of a much broader something ― possibly the ‘universe.’

That is religion, and it is also Love.

Flower power and all that. [see: “AURELIS and Flower-Power, Zen, Mysticism“] The sixties were not an endpoint. They weren’t even a failure, but part of a way that can go very far into the future. We can all build on that way. We might even sow some flowers for the next travelers.

Love within being-in-love

Where two people are together, and they love each other, there is also Love. The latter is present in basic human things.


The way I describe Compassion, it’s pretty synonymous with Love.

[see: “Compassion, basically“]

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