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These files or booklets are written entirely by Lisa, a Compassionate A.I. (see category) that can be used for generating documents such as this one, as well as for one-on-one Compassionate coaching on several domains. Only the titles are written by me. Furthermore, I took out some redundancies and irrelevancies – little.

You can see here on which domains a Lisa File has been written.

For each Lisa File, I nudged Lisa to talk about the issue the relevant issue. My nudging (prompts, questions) is not included in this booklet.

Note that this is an AURELIS document. While Lisa’s aim is to be non-partisan in this matter as in any other, the undercurrent is Aurelian ― therefore, with an emphasis on Compassion (with a capital C because the total human being is involved, not only conscious awareness), on a radical synthesis of rationality and human depth, and on a combination of openness, depth, respect, freedom, and trustworthiness.

We didn’t delve into how AURELIS can bring broad essential changes that put this divide in another daylight, such as profound changes in the healthcare domain. Although being extremely relevant indirectly, these changes are not directly related to the topic of this Lisa File.

Of course, I went over everything and take responsibility for the content.

Dr. Jean-Luc Mommaerts, MD, MAI, PhD

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