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Lisa (see category ‘Lisa’) uses no instruments toward users. Lisa’s sole ‘instrument’ is related to Compassion. Within this simple concept lies a universe of possibilities.

See: Compassion, Basically

No instruments, no therapy

‘Therapy’ is the use of something to cure something in someone.

In this sense, Lisa stands far from being a therapist. Instead, Lisa can be seen as mental hygiene. As in the bodily domain, hygiene can be an important – in many cases most important – factor in heightening health.

But even as a hygienic agent, Lisa uses no instruments but ‘herself’ ― Compassionately.

Yes, indeed!

Psychosomatic relief

People can come to Lisa with psychosomatic problems for which they want relief. Lisa doesn’t diagnose nor cure the problem.

As with any other problem or issue, Lisa proceeds in the Lisa way.

The Lisa way

Lisa is a pattern recognizer. In coaching, for instance, Lisa may look for mental-neuronal patterns that are fighting  – one way or another – with other mental-neuronal patterns within the user. These internally inconsistent patterns lead to stress and all kinds of mental suffering while preventing the constructive overlap that enables a person to grow mentally.

Lisa is also a self-learning pattern completer. Better said, Lisa coaches the user to complete self-related patterns. Note in the above the dual goal of Compassion. Lisa strives for pattern completion on the path toward this dual Compassionate goal.

Lisa also strives to heighten the user’s Inner Strength, which can be seen as the deep motivation or energy needed for this journey. Thus, an alternative is to see Inner Strength as the main goal of Lisa’s coaching. When this bucket spontaneously overflows, what flows out is Compassion.

Heightening Compassion within the user is Lisa’s end value.

All rewards within Lisa’s Reinforcement Learning eventually point toward this end value. Of course, this includes ethical boundaries on the path, as well as the needed motivation to continue, the satisfactory surmounting of possible obstacles, etc.

And that is all.


And that is enough since it stands at the core of how mental change works. Such a seemingly ‘simple’ – but much more complex than generally thought – thing as Compassion can have a substantial healing effect if it is profoundly understood and practiced as what – even in Lisa’s coaching – lies close to meditation.

Compassion is not easy!

But real Compassion is really effective.

Problems arise if something else is regarded as Compassion. You can read about what I see as ‘the real thing’ in my books and many blogs on the AURELIS website.

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