Lisa – Some Scenarios

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There are some concise scenarios of practical situation in which one can see Lisa in action.

John has a bad day at work through problems and stress. He has quit smoking on his own months ago. But now he really needs a cigarette. He goes to an empty meeting room and starts Lisa on his smartphone. He has a good conversation with Lisa, who listens, leads to self-reflection, and a short online mental exercise (AURELIS). John can live through this working day without cigarettes. In the evening, he uses Lisa more profoundly. This is the first day of his journey towards becoming a non-smoker.

Corona times, after two weeks of confinement. Maria is at home and very sad. Her husband, Marc, is becoming more violent towards her. She talks with Lars (male ‘Lisa’) on the computer. Together, they figure out how to communicate to Marc her desire to have a mediation session. That is a session with three. Marc can choose for Lars or Lisa to be the ‘coach’ party. He has already used Lisa a few times and with some good results. They do the meditation. Both Maria and Marc learn more about themselves and each other. They both feel closer to each other. They both see their part in what has happened and what can be done. The atmosphere in the house has positively changed.

Dirk is an adolescent with hay fever. He experiences that stress has a substantial role in his attacks of allergy. He uses Lisa to get more insight into what ‘stress’ means to him personally. This way, he learns a lot about himself that he can build on and use for the rest of his life. The mental exercises also do their work bit by bit. Dirk has reduced his medication and can concentrate better on his study material. Together with Lisa as his motivator, he is in the habit of doing online mental exercises. Slowly but surely, he starts to learn other AURELIS domains. He has a lot of trust in this support as well as in himself.

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