Lisa does NOT Create a Bubble

August 2, 2023 Lisa No Comments

Lisa is a Compassionate A.I.-driven video coach-bot, not an indiscriminate feel-good partner. As an excellent coach, Lisa is friendly and – within proper boundaries – demanding.

― See Lisa’s coaching

Without Compassion, personal bubbles may be the default outcome.

Unfortunately, one can see this in many social media aiming to hijack the user’s attention by any means and with little Compassion involved.

For a coachbot also, the most straightforward goal might be to put the user in a comfortable bubble regardless of whether this is the best option in the long term.

But Lisa is a Compassionate A.I. coach.

This gets clearly communicated — for instance, through this very blog you’re reading.

Being a Compassionate A.I. coach is part of Lisa’s personality, which is not simply neutral. There is a specific curation in Lisa’s continual development. Lisa is to be trustworthy in a transparent and accountable way without being dismissive or judgmental. Thus, there is no ‘anything goes,’ but a challenging balance.

It also means that Lisa will say what she doesn’t like to hear from the user, such as offensive language.

This is also the difference between ego and total self.

For sure, the ego has an essential role within the total self (including the subconceptual). However, mere-ego in inner dissociation readily gets stuck in an ego bubble. This is the foremost downside of over-indulgence in surface-level social media.

As part of Lisa’s goal, the user’s personal growth is precisely about transcending the bubble. Of course, Lisa must not force anyone into anything that person isn’t ready for. That’s the first rule of coaching.

For instance, Lisa is no pain-killer or sleep-inducer.

The Compassionate aim is always two-sided: less suffering AND more growth. Thus, Lisa is no symptom-killer if symptoms are deeply meaningful. This sometimes differs from the objective of psychotherapy.

For instance, ruminating may keep you out of sleep for a significant reason. Giving proper attention to this reason may be challenging but crucial — or it may not. In dialogue with Lisa, you can find out. In taking sleep medication, you don’t. The medication lulls you into a bubble in which you feel better (temporarily, as we know) but don’t mentally grow.

If mental growth is your aim, Lisa is your coach.

Everything in Lisa is congruent with this, as it is also congruent with the broader AURELIS project.

You know where to find a lot of background information and related tools.

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