Your Mind as Cure

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It’s about time I blog-introduce my book, published a year ago. [see: “Your Mind As Cure”]

I get an uneasy feeling in any pharmacy.

Most of the drugs for sale do not cure a disease. They’re cosmetic. [see: “Most drugs are sheer symptomatic”] That’s OK. People may have symptoms they want to get rid of.

You might buy some food when hungry, some drink when thirsty ― no big deal.

Yet the picture doesn’t fit well. It took me seven years of medical training and several years of practice before it dawned that what I was prescribing mostly did not cure any disease, while I did have the mindset of a disease-curer. The bizarre thing about this is that it’s at the same time obvious and, well, kind of invisible. One may at the same time see it and not see it.

In many cases, drugs don’t cure. Your mind does.

The idea that cure comes from something outside and material, one way or another, may take focus away from where it matters. Frequently, that’s you. And now that you think about it, you may have known it all along. So, why are you turning away from you?

Next time you are waiting for your turn in a pharmacy, you might think about the many people who take drugs for something that originates within themselves, deep within, in this miracle that is a unity of body and mind. [see: “‘Mind = Body’ Breakthrough“]

Your mind as cure

The implication is huge. You can use your mind as a means to get causal to much of what is deemed ‘disease.’ That is different from attacking the disease itself.

Therefore, this ‘cure’ is not a therapy in the usual sense of the word. It is not the aim of medicine, nor has it ever been so since the birth of modern Western medicine some 200 years ago. This substantially contributes to many people having chronic diseases. Of course: together with bad food, unhealthy lifestyle, medical drugs…

One-third of hospitalizations are related to the side effects of medical drugs. Please read it a few times.

Medicine with mind

In a pharmacy or hospital, sometimes, I become happy by the thought of medicine with mind. The drugs and potions and procedures and what-so-all fall into place when the mind is also taken seriously. Then I see somatic medicine as not less important than at present, but even more.

People may take fewer drugs, but what they take is more to the point.

It would be a huge boon to medical science, also in its somatic aspect, research being conducted more effectively, medical practice showing more results from what the research has to offer.

Note that healthcare payers would also be happier with this. And the people, the patients themselves, as a matter of fact, who are also healthcare payers: paying with money, time, and side effects.

Medicine with soul

A healthy body in a healthy mind – or vice versa, at your choice – is also an excellent starting point for more. Call it ‘personal growth’ or ‘spiritual growth.’ Religious feelings for the religiously inclined.

Call it ‘soul’ or ‘deeper self,’ if you like. It’s not something tangible. It’s more like a direction; therefore, there is no end to it. It’s Open. It’s .

Yes. The final goal is no cure. It’s a never-ending story.

This is a remarkable conclusion to the intro to my more down-to-earth book about the what and the how.

It is additionally important to every page.

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