People in Need of Diagnosis

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Mainly to be taken seriously. Why do they need a diagnosis to be taken seriously? Is there no other way?

It is essential to listen to the physical heart.

Meaning: what can be conceptualized, should be done so. Also, what can best be looked at from the somatic viewpoint, should be looked at this way. There is nothing wrong with the concept of ‘diagnosis.’

It’s an effective instrument ― if used with care.

If the diagnosis is worthwhile, change may follow.

After correct diagnosis comes correct therapy in the best of cases. Of course! That’s why we need healthcare science so much. Even more, science that is rational above the merely conceptual. [see: “Rational versus Conceptual“]

And there’s also the correct procedure for reimbursement, sick leave, etc. Society rolls on, the diagnosis culture being part of it.

It is indeed important to listen to the physical heart.

It’s equally important to listen to the symbolic heart.

You don’t do that with a diagnosis – not even one without a stigma.

The ‘woke’ culture of the present – also in Europe as one more gift from the US – is frequently pretty weak in this regard. This culture rightfully demands respect for each individual. Then, within healthcare, the concept of ‘diagnosis’ is abused by individuals and groups as a means to reach this respect. The huge paradox is that an abused diagnosis is precisely the summum of disrespect by pinning the individual in a case with a heartless label.

The result is a disrespectfully constructed reality in which no person can be profoundly happy and in which eventually even ‘happiness’ becomes a superficial construct. [see: “Constructed Realities“]

If you want to be woke, then be woke with guts. The world needs you, especially if you feel young and daring at heart.

A diagnosis should not be given for the mere sake of a good feeling.

Trying to do so nevertheless amounts to trying to change reality according to your wishes.

You might want that, and so do I. Unfortunately, we are human beings, not magicians. Reality doesn’t change by our mere wish. We better throw our wand in the dustbin. It’s an illusion. It’s not through getting ‘the diagnosis’ that anything magically changes in fundamental reality. The only change happens in an illusion. It’s better to be aware of that.

People in need of respect

How can people find respect without being superficially categorized or a member of a categorizing group/community?

This is a crucial question, also in politics. People are driven into boxes by party politics as well as by identity politics. Beware if you think – or even live – out of your box(es)!

In healthcare, people are in need of deep respect, more than ‘the diagnosis as a means to gain respect.’

So, please give them the respect they deserve as human beings. For that, it’s vital to be Listened to ― no instruments in-between and no diagnosis. The only worthwhile instrument in this sense is a Compassionate being. [see: “Deep Listening“]

A psychotherapist might do for a while. An opening line? “With or without this diagnosis, I equally deeply respect you. At least, you do not need the diagnosis for that.”

Therefore, the only proper answer lies in Compassion.

Here’s your wokeness with guts. [see: “Compassion, Basically“]

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