Three Dangers of Careless Depth

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The ‘deeper’ has already led to many accidents. Look at the pitiful excesses of Catholicism. It’s just an example.

But that should not be a reason to throw away the ‘deeper’. However, one ought to be particularly careful with it. As a starters, one can make a primary distinction between:

BLACK – the ‘deeper’ turns people off, especially because of its unknown aspect from a purely conceptual thinking (anxiety).

WHITE – the ‘deeper’ attracts people. It is what we are. So: the why we are, the towards what our existence leads, the from where we are. You name it.

In black lies the danger of dissociation, of not being in contact.

For example, black magic: one uses white but with a thick mantle of black. People are attracted but they end up in black and often they never get out of it. The fact that this (often) happens, has to do with ‘three dangers of white’. Please note: not white in itself is dangerous, but how one handles it. Still it is something to pay attention to over and over again. Next, I briefly describe how I see this myself. Up to you to continue feeling.

  • ‘Depth that is not your depth’

You are not evolving-towards, but thrown. Doors do fly open and are just as well being closed again.

You may ‘relish of the living food’, but it is not alive within you. It’s only alive there. If you come back, you come back into a world that is dead, a world that is death itself. Even more, you may have left a piece of your own ‘being-alive’ there. There, you do not notice it and that’s not necessary in itself, but back here you have lost it. Time after time you are living more and more only there. E.g.: an addiction to mind-altering drugs, or to a form of ‘meditation’ that is essentially no meditation. Please note: this is depth, but it’s not yours.

  • ‘An inflated ego’

I do this.’ Depth is passing by and it’s not seen.

So neither are the changes that it effects. Ego says: ‘I’m doing this’. ‘Glorificat me’. And that often happens then. Unfortunately: in this way we get the world we are currently getting. Egos inflate further and further until there is little space left and then they are even inflating further at the expense of each other and also at the expense of themselves. It’s a ridiculous illusion, but it’s one in which one can live until one dies of it long before physically dying. E.g….: Oh well, look around for yourself.

  • ‘A sunken ego’

While an inflated ego rather leaves the own ground and flies away like a hot air balloon, the sunken ego rather gets heavier aspects of the deeper ground inside itself. It focuses downwards, which is good, but

it lends itself a heaviness it’s not ready for.

One of the symptoms is the fact that one starts to use ‘heavy’ language with grand statements. The second symptom is exhaustingly negative too, to extreme cases: hell, cardinal sin,… The ten do’s (don’ts) are never far away, one way or another, in one form or another and God forbid that you dare to laugh with…

In many cases the third symptom is the least notable of the three

but partly because of this, perhaps the most dangerous one. Of course you can find all three symptoms in any combination or alternately within one and the same person.

This text is not about <it is not allowed – it should not – it is not>

but of course that too can be found in combination with this in all possible forms and morphs between them.

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