Insight = Change

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Insight is not information. It is not merely conceptual knowledge. Insight is rather wisdom. Wisdom is yours. Your wisdom can never be mine.

Therefore, I cannot give you wisdom.

If I tried to push my insight into you, it wouldn’t be your insight. It might be inside you for a while, then wither like a flower in the desert. An insight needs to grow in people, person after person, changing that person.

I can support your wisdom. Then I can encounter it when we meet, when we are together, when I coach you, maybe. Still, the wisdom is yours, even though I might recognize it. It might make me grow again ― in wisdom.

I coach you when you coach me.

That is the nature of wisdom, of insight.

I know a bit about how to invite this thing. If you like, I can show you.

Still, the wisdom is yours ― for me to enjoy if you let me, perhaps.

Insight during coaching or therapy is being disdained sometimes.

I rather think it is an essential part of any good coaching session. In AURELIS, it is part of where any session should end; see G.I.M.O.

For me, as a coach, gaining an insight is essential for seeing the coaching as a success ― and I do feel changed each time.

Insight = change.

If it grows in you, you grow.

If you recognize a new pattern, it’s your mental-neuronal patterns that do the recognizing ― then also the inviting as a guest ― then also the being.

The guest becomes a part of you if you let it, from the inside.

You cannot have an insight without changing.

Whether it’s through reading a book, watching a movie, doing a coaching, or having a profound experience, a deep insight changes you for always, even after you may have consciously forgotten it.

It’s inside you. It does your seeing, your listening.

It is your feeling you.

So, being grateful for a new insight is very much OK.

Thank you.

You might contemplate it for a while ― observe it from a distance, from nearby.

Feel it.

Let it find its place inside you where it can feel at home. Maybe you find it again after some time, patiently waiting behind some door.

Maybe you find it again when life hits you, in a moment of sorrow, when you need some consolation.

It might not seem like much at first until it saves your life.

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