Behold the Crystal Ball

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We go back in time a few centuries (it’s not necessary, but it happens to work well now).

Imagine yourself sitting in a tent at a fair

At the front of your tent, there’s a sign that indicates you have ‘the gift’.

Nice 😊.

Everything in the tent is as it should be. Semi blackout curtains and a kind of small Egyptian statue somewhere hidden against the wall. And, of course, there is a crystal ball that stands out from everything


amidst all the paraphernalia, like a sun that touches each sub- and supra-planetary future with her sunbeams, there is: you.

You have a lot of experience while you are doing this work for years.

A lot of people come to you, whenever the funfair is in their village. They are pleased with your services and so they are walking billboards for your practice. As a result there is often a line of waiting people queuing for ‘consultation’ at your tent.

Luckily for you, the time of witch burnings has long gone. Priests and doctors do not bother you. Everyone is happy… sort of…

You can feel it when someone enters your tent just for fun

or with a real problem. The former may happen now and then, but usually even the most distinct joker gets impressed by the atmosphere within your tent. Sometimes they even become your best customers. So you see: just let it be. Do your thing. Do not force anything. Let people find their own flow. Try not to be the wind and the water and the boat at the same time. Find out what people are naturally aiming for and show them that. This creates gratitude and revenue. It’s an important part of your ‘skills’.

Disclaimer: it should be clear that this mini course in crystal-ball-skills does not have the intention to encourage the use of all sorts of tricks to make others believe that you have the ‘gift of divination’. Fooling someone is fooling someone. This is true in all domains of science and also here. If phony science is not aware of itself, then it could be deep and original but also naive. If it’s indeed aware of itself, it’s cheating. I assume that in the end, cheating is never helpful. Even if it would seem to be helpful at short term, the effect will be negative overall at long term. There are many factors that come into play and you cannot control them all.

There are some standard situations.

The frustrated woman for example, who comes to you to learn that her future is not hopeless. Even if you tell her a 100 times that love is waiting around the corner and the waiting lover shows himself to be an opportunist who blatantly takes advantage of her, she would still come back to you for advice. Because it’s not the truth that she wants to hear, but her own lie. That’s what keeps her going. It is her crutch. She has long forgotten how to stand on her own two feet (as a result of this). So you give her what she wants and she gives you what you want. Perfect, isn’t it? In each case: if you would do differently, your tent would not be standing up for long.

Another standard situation is that of the person (man or woman) who just wants some hocus-pocus. Pastor and doctor (in times of bloodlettings and enema bags) can also attend to this need, but you will ‘manage’ better. ‘What’ will you manage better? Well, that’s difficult to express. It’s about a kind of sense of ‘there is more’, with a touch of mystery and tension but still without risk and certainly without having to feel responsible for no matter what. This is it, more or less. And of course you can play with it. You’re in your element. You feel at ease. Just look into the crystal ball.

And so there are a number of other standard situations. At the same time, or apart from this, most people come to you with the bare question: “show me my future.” Your real ‘tricks of the trade’ lie at the heart of this of course. No difficult craftsmanship, it is a matter of attention. You have learned it from your grandmother when you were still young.

The first ‘rule’ is to believe in it yourself.

Well, to be honest, it’s not even necessary to downright believe in it. It’s enough for you to not block it out. The latter has a conscious and an unconscious component. The unconscious one is by far the most important. Your grandma was perfectly right when she allowed you to sit in the back of her tent to look at her soft back and her own sincere ‘belief’ and, between two clients, her kind and wise attention for you.

You increase the suggestibility…

The AURELIS syllabus has not yet been written. Otherwise you would find some things in it that you could use, but also abuse. This way you can pull out all the stops to increase the placebo effect of your surroundings, your actions etc.. After a while you will have it in you so that it comes spontaneously. See the example of your late grandmother.

People ‘hear’ what they actually want to hear

You can exploit this by using phrases such as: “I see this or that… or better… “. What you finally tell them, is usually correct.

You look into the crystal ball as a ‘focus’ for your concentration.

Evidently. Better yet than simple concentration, is a transition to meditation: ’emptiness’. The centre of the ball is a perfect symbol for this. You can use this focus-meditation-openness for observing ‘broader patterns’, ‘ in all kinds of small elements together.

Because you do not just look into the ball.

You are especially looking at the person before you.

So many small movements – or not. Looks, inflections… The nonconscious of the other speaks. In any case, people are always telling more with their bodies than they suspect. You just have to pay attention. In addition: your very ‘concentrated’ look into the crystal ball, distracts the attention of the other. It’s a situation in which the coachee does NOT feel looked upon and partly because of this, he/she is even more communicative than usual. So, you read the volumes and you use them.

Besides, your client has already observed many things in others, nonconsciously, without being consciously aware. So his nonconscious can tell it to you. So, you ‘know’ it earlier, consciously and/or nonconsciously, than the person before you. This is one of the things with which you can really help – or fool – the other. And lo! In the end it will come true! With what you know already about the other’s future, you have the ability to be a better judge about his current situation. You can see it clearly.

So all in all: both you and the coachee are in an ideal situation of openness.

But you are NOT in a situation to bend the laws of statistics. You will NOT be able to see the next winning lottery number. No matter how deeply you look into your crystal ball, you will find NO black hole in which time and space are turned upside down. Why would you? What is happening now, in this time and space, is already more than interesting enough.

Well, it’s easy to be a clairvoyant.

And should the real future become a past that turns out to be different than the future past you once predicted, you still might pull something out of your hat. For example:

“Everyone can make mistakes.”

“If you look at the deeper meaning, my prophecy has been fulfilled.”

“Someone else (or you yourself) did not show the green light to your future, so he/she/you changed it after my prediction.” / “You did not want your own possible future yourself.”

“The ‘goddess’ has tricked you because you do not believe in ‘her’.”

“The more you are open, the better I can predict your future. Let us do our best once more.”

Etc. etc.

As long as it’s always OK, it ís always OK.

And as for your own future? Well, the crystal ball is optimistic: you will live ‘happily ever after’ and you will be able to talk many people into something. Whether you will make these people wiser… the ball doesn’t tell. It depends entirely on you. The future doesn’t exist.



This text is about a fun fair in the past, but such a fair still exists up until this day. There are even more stalls and tents at this fair than ever before. Any crazy situation you can think of is to be found in such a tent. But in this great diversity there is an equally great unity, not even burdened by any urge towards deep insight.. Ultimately, it’s merely intended to gain ‘status’

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