A Different Game

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Sometimes. Some people may have their game. I play a different one.

You might have read a different story.

[see: “Minding Covid: a Different Story“]

It is not needed for this blog. But if you have read it, you may notice that it is closely related to this much broader ‘different game.’

There are different games that may be played in different ways.

You may like to win

We both like to win. But to me, if you win alone, you lose. You may even win with many alone. Still, you lose.

In my game, you win together.


doesn’t lie in mere-ego.

It precisely lies in the transcendence of mere-ego. Everything else is but an excuse, a circumstance, a chance to attain this transcendence.

Winning in greatness lies in winning together.

Really together. Not ‘I.’ Not ‘I and mine.’ Not in a small circle in which empathy is as small as the circle and the circle is just an extension of a very small ‘I.’

There is no greatness in crushing others. Not at any level.

There is also no greatness in letting yourself be crushed.

But there is greatness in example.

The example of cooperation. This is: greatness together. This is: not needing a small circle to be whole. This is also: not needing an invasion to be whole.

Not militarily. Not economically. Not relationally.

But setting an example. Through your example, others may want to be with you. There is no need for aggression if you are that example. So, be that example. Then you are truly great.

People will be motivated to make you great.

Even other countries will be motivated to let you be great. Everyone wants a good example.

The game of divide and conquer is an ancient and successful one. The one who plays this game is almost sure to win and almost sure to lose. He wins this game. He loses himself.

The game of unite and flourish is more challenging. It may take much longer to be won. It may take many more battles lost.

But, no matter how it ends, the end is superb.

No need to divide. No need for division.

Own people first.

My people

is everybody.

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