Worldwide Compassion

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I have a recurrent dream: worldwide Compassion. Note that in this text, I bring my personal view upon what this encompasses.

Please read this first: [see: “Compassion Connecting East & West“]


Compassion – in the sense of [see: “Compassion, basically“] – is a worldwide, recognizable phenomenon, although people may realize it in many different ways.

This take on Compassion can become something everyone can strive towards. It should, of course, not be enforced upon anyone. That would probably not be possible, anyway. It is the result of a growth process. Trying to enforce it destroys it.

Ultimate concern

People may find their ultimate (most important) concern in other people, things, or situations ― or themselves, ego-matically.

Going deeper, as can be done in coaching, any of these can become less concrete and (even) more meaningful. This is an intrinsic characteristic of any concern, including ultimate ones. For this to happen, no concern needs to be abandoned. Deepening it means ‘taking it together with you towards depth.’

The concrete concern dissolves into a broader whole. ‘Transcendence’ is a nice word for this, since it’s about much more than a simple change. Nothing gets lost, except the exclusiveness, the mere-ness at the surface of comprehension.

For instance, mere-ego.

There’s nothing wrong with ego.

But if it incarcerates itself in a bubble, thinking it is the whole person, ignoring the immense mental universe inside any one of us, problems arise. I denote this happening as ‘inner dissociation.’ [see: “Inner Dissociation is NEVER OK!“]

Deepening the ego, it becomes part and parcel of a Compassionate stance. In this setting, ego also becomes more important than ever. Mere-ego doesn’t know this and may resist in many ways ― even feigning ‘Enlightenment.’ The result may, for instance, be a ‘guru’ who talks interestingly but acts abominably.


Deepening all ultimate concerns, Compassion itself may be seen as ultimate. One can drop the ‘concern’ from the term ‘ultimate concern’ since Compassion is the concern itself.

This may lead to seeming paradoxes. For instance, Compassion is eventually (!) a spontaneous happening. That means there is no striving, and yet it is the biggest striving of all. Buddhism may know this paradox most explicitly, but it is present in every great religion.

This way, Compassion may unite religions.

This way, Compassion may unite people through their being profoundly religious. No need to abandon something when it gets deepened.

The same through science, through the feeling of togetherness (clan, country, ideological group, political party), and many other things.

Post-Capitalism leads to Compassion.

Post-conceptual-religion leads to Compassion.

Post-instrumental-psychotherapy leads to Compassion.

Post-present-day psycho-somatics leads to Compassion.

Nothing intrinsical gets lost. It all becomes more important than ever. Mere-this-or-that doesn’t know this and may resist in many ways. Eventually, Compassion will prevail.

Imagine it would already be so.


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