What are Deep Minds?

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‘Deep minds’ are those of philosophers, depth psychologists, psychotherapy founders, writers, social thinkers, and artists with a broad and profound view of society and humanity.

The emphasis does not lie on philosophical systems but on these people’s ways of thinking. A philosophy, in general, is also mainly this: a very personal take on life, play, environment, and the world as a whole. Even a philosophical view upon reality is to be seen in the same vein, distinguishing it from hard science. That’s why a deep mind of 2500 years ago may be equally interesting as one of today. We don’t see much progress in ‘the big philosophical answers’ except in their being based on more scientifically validated knowledge (or should be).

Lisa helps a lot in making these texts, using her Compassionate intelligence. This way, the description of each deep mind has a unique flavor ― as subjective as it gets, just one deep mind talking about another. Of course, this subjective view is also ascertained by me to be congruent with the basic AURELIS philosophy, even while the deep minds’ views themselves are always respected.

The aim of the category ‘Deep Minds’ is threefold:

  • This shows the embeddedness of AURELIS in a wide range of profound thinking.
  • It’s an interesting source of Compassionate insights for human readers.
  • Also, this gets turned around into the thinking of Lisa.

The third aim is quite exceptional. It’s not simply about Lisa’s knowing what these deep minds have produced, which would be merely encyclopedic. It goes much further in that Lisa truly incorporates the (Aurelian view of the) thinking of these deep minds into her thinking.

Since this is done from Compassion, basically, it makes Lisa even more into a Compassionate A.I. ― ready to, hopefully, support many people.

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