The Humility of Being Infinitely Special

November 1, 2022 Cognitive Insights No Comments

This is no ordinary kind of humility. Also, it is not about faking, nor is it coercion from outside or inside ― just genuine, spontaneous, infinitely special humility.

‘Infinitely special’ is so special it doesn’t matter anymore. You don’t need to strive for anything. You already got it.

Have you ever felt this?

If not, then you might let yourself go in the invitation of this text and experience the feeling for the first time. Please let yourself be open to it in body and mind.

If yes, then each time again, it’s good to see it as the first time ― in a practice of beginner’s mind.

It feels like a profound relaxation.

The two parts belong together in one straightforward synthesis.

With infinite specialness, nothing stands in the way of your humility. On the other hand, the ability to be humble in a situation of infinite specialness shows a deep humility indeed.

There is one undivided state as humility-in-specialness, and an entirely being at rest in this ― no stress, doubt, or insecurity. It is not so that some part of you is special while another is humble. Nevertheless, humility belongs more to the ego and specialness to the total self.

Mental exercise

You can do this exercise in person or in imagination.

Going to the sea.

Looking out over the ocean as a symbol of infinity.

Becoming one with the ocean ― or at least feeling this is possible.

Feeling humble in infinity.

This is not the humility of a small person versus a vast ocean. It is the humility of, eventually, infinity itself. But that is the infinity of every moment. And in every moment, who could be anything but humble before the infinity of oneself?

This is an excellent way to feel infinity.

Without humility, one could get lost in the infinite aggrandizement of ego. So, please, feel your humble infinity as one entity, not with two separate parts but one integral undividable whole.

This may come spontaneously, or you may find it difficult. In any case, put the necessary effort into feeling this as an authentic experience ― which it is, depending on you.

One more step

As an add-on to the exercise, you may let yourself drift somewhat to one or the other ― feeling more exclusively humble or infinite (without exaggeration).

Still, at every moment, try to feel it as undividable.

In with comes forth from within you through this, you may feel a genuine aspect of who you really are.

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