G.I.M.O. toward Lasting Change

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Each of the G.I.M.O. elements (as part of any AURELIS coaching session) is oriented toward lasting change. The promise to the coachee is that this is possible and within reach ― if the coachee collaborates.

Please read G.I.M.O.

Wanted: depth, alive

Thus, it’s important to find out pretty soon whether the client is principally ready for lasting change ― if not entirely, then to what degree. This is mainly related to his being ready for depth. For instance, see this small questionnaire.

Each of the four G.I.M.O. elements has to be understood as depth-oriented, which is needed to reach the lasting change that doesn’t come from surface-level.

Let’s look somewhat into the fab four. Note that the following short descriptions may make it seem straightforward – which it is – and easy to implement – which it is not.


The intended goal is not necessarily the first goal the client shows up with ― for instance, to quit smoking.

The client’s real goal as a total person is the goal he can naturally grow towards, which accords with his inner being ― for instance, to grow toward the state of non-smoker by letting the smoking addiction diminish from the inside. Getting rid of the addiction is naturaly more permanent than to quit smoking with the addiction still intact and brooding.

Therefore, a crucial aim of any AURELIS session is to come closer to the client’s (frequently implicit at the start) goal and to align the concrete session toward this direction.


In Insight = Change, I elaborated upon how insight (not the same as conceptual knowledge) can only be attained through a change process. It doesn’t lead to change; it IS the profound change of the mind/brain.

Being this change, it is also more than temporary.


Deep motivation is profoundly change-oriented. Motivation is (supposed to be) what puts you into action, which is always a kind of change.

With deep motivation – arguably the only realistic one – the action comes from deep inside. The external behavior is like the streaming of liquid from an overflowing bucket. Before that happens, the water needs to be in the bucket.

Your deep motivation is your renewable energy. It’s interesting to have an eye for this at each coaching session. Continual replenishment is lasting.


These may thwart the change, being ‘resistance’ to change. Therefore, they are equally crucial in the endeavor to come to lasting change.

With a categorical obstruction, anything else is useless even while things can go in the right direction for a while. Especially in matters of depth, nothing gets through if the door is closed. That may be a good thing and one should respect it. It deserves much attention in any case. Opening a closed door should be done carefully. If a closed door opens, the coach should be ready for what comes next.

Lasting change toward Inner Strength

One should see this as a legitimate aim, always. As said, at least two persons are responsible during any AURELIS coaching.

Still, it is what we go for.

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