Dynamics of Attention

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An AURELIS coach is not a saint and realizes this.

it is not possible to always listen in full, deep attention to what the coachee is saying.

Nor is it necessary. It is even questionable whether it is desirable. The coachee might feel enclosed, threatened even by too much deep attention. It is as if someone (the coach) is intently targeting your soul.

‘Too much’ is never good.

And you can make use of this, because ‘constantly complete’ is static, while a part of the event gets a human and therefore also powerful effect because of its dynamics.

What would a sea be without waves? What would a dance be without coming and going?

Getting deep attention is much more fun when you know that it is not obvious, even with this AURELIS coach.

In addition, as a coach you can use the dynamics of this game.

From less attention (you write something down, you make less eye contact), the transition to full attention can take on a deep meaning: THIS is very important to you!

At this moment you are completely there.

Does the coachee (total person) notice this? Of course. You even get additional credit: you can ask deeper questions. It is such an ‘enthusiastic moment’ when you are ready to take a step forward together.

Together, as two soul mates to a better world.

It is a moment of soul-to-soul contact facilitated by an appropriate dynamic of attention.

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