Dancing With the ‘Deeper Self’

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Letting emerge a ‘spontaneous association’, seems to be one of the easiest things to do. But what exactly is a ‘spontaneous association’?

Is every thought ultimately a ‘spontaneous association’, or is there qualitatively more in the game?

‘Spontaneous’ is gradual of course.

It is possible to let a spontaneous association about a particular idea emerge… and then you can practice to let an association emerge even more spontaneously…

and then an even more spontaneous association, and then an even… This is a very good exercise, highly recommended. A small warning however: don’t get discouraged if you do not really ‘succeed’. Besides, how could a ‘spontaneous’ association ever ‘succeed’? After all, if it is something that needs to ‘succeed’, it is not spontaneously anymore. There it already ends then. Or it starts. This is no child’s play. Or is that exactly what it is?

Blessed are the poor in spirit. Blessed are the children…

Beginner’s mind.

With infinite patience, you look within yourself, searching for something and perhaps there is nothing emerging in you and that is perfectly OKAY

It seems the most normal thing in the world and that is also the case, in the sense of ‘normal’ as the deepest of what we really are. At the same time, this is also NOT normal at all in this world.

This is the most important meditation on ’emptiness that is also form.’

It’s ultimate creation, the simplest and at the same time the most difficult to do, start-point and end-point of the universe. This is here and always and everywhere and now the point of ‘transition’. To show it a little bit off against almost nothing, you may safely say: it is as good as everything.

But if an association is totally not a spontaneous one, you fall by the wayside. Poems are then pure information. Sea becomes water in a well. In the difference you also find the difference between ego and deeper self.

In spontaneous associations you meet your deeper self.

Naturally you cannot force the ‘spontaneous’. You can invite it. You can invite yourself to it. You can do such by taking the time for it. You can do such by setting up an area for it. You can do such by giving it attention and by simply reflecting on why and in what it may be interesting ‘for you’

Very interesting in spontaneous association is that the meaning of ‘for you’ can get a fundamentally different aspect through this.

Do you feel?

Life becomes life.

Dancing becomes dancing. Thinking becomes thinking. Doing becomes doing and not-doing becomes not-doing. Being becomes being.

Dancing with a partner can be great fun if the partners are very interrelated, if they feel their way towards each other ‘from within’. This is infinitely more than just taking some dance steps.

Spontaneous association is dancing with the deeper self.

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