AURELIS Coaching is ‘Spiritual’

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‘Spiritual’ as in ‘deeper self,’ this is: inspired, inspirational, spirit, even ‘Holy Spirit’ ― symbolically speaking. This contrasts with merely symptomatic relief in health or any other domain.

This shows in aim and means.

The aim of AURELIS coaching

In contrast to Western medicine’s objective in mental issues, the direct aim of AURELIS is not the relief of the problem but personal mental growth. The relief is the side effect of the growth.

This may sound like ‘probably effective, but pretty inefficient.’ Actually, it is pretty effective and efficient. The illusion of the contrary lies in the idea that complex issues are best tackled like simple problems ― head-on. That is simply not the case. Chances are great that, in the simple way, one aggravates the complex problem. For example, dieting makes one gain weight.

The spiritual aim is also the most durable one.

The means of AURELIS coaching

AURELIS coaching is not instrumental in the sense of <coach uses coaching instruments to manage coachee>.

Contrary to this, the coachee is genuinely central to the happening. The coachee is the therapy ― more precisely, the coachee as a total person, including and foremost his deeper self. On the other side of the coaching, the coach lends himself as the only instrument to make it happen. This, too, is a ‘spiritual’ (deeper self) happening.

None of this says where the ‘deeper self’ starts and ends. It would be unscientific to pretend that anybody knows where it does so.

This is orthogonal to conceptual psychotherapy as well as to conceptual religion. Following these hyperlinks, you can see that one can, in both cases, draw a similar triangle pointing toward the AURELIS way.

In aim and means: mental growth

If one doesn’t like the term ‘spiritual,’ then ‘mental growth’ does equally well to describe the AURELIS endeavor.

Originally, mental growth has always been spirituality’s genuine means and aim. It was only by starting to think of it more conceptually that it lost this original endeavor which didn’t care a bit about anything more than the profoundly personal experience.

Only in the last few centuries did Western spirituality/religion drown itself in an attempt to conceptually self-rationalize. I see that as pretty contra-spiritual. We just lost an ex-Pope who kind-a felt this but didn’t know what it meant. He may have been too intellectual or not enough.

Then why ‘spiritual’?

It’s good also to dare to use the term ‘spiritual’ because it brings several fields closer together ― as they should. There is only an artificial distinction between them on this relevant level. That may be scary to some, enlightening to others, and hopefully, the path the future will increasingly embrace.

AURELIS has the great advantage of being drawn by and toward this future.

With your help, we can already sooner make it the present.

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