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Please read this before going to any AURELIS coaching techniques. These are poetic rather than prosaic. Therefore, if you read them in two dimensions, you may be left empty-handed.

By clicking here, you find an increasing number of ►►► AURELIS coaching techniques.

Of course, you may use these techniques as you like. However, to really ‘get them,’ one needs to experience them in an entire context. Therefore, only acknowledged AURELIS graduates may refer to themselves as such. One does not become an AURELIS coach by reading. If you are interested in becoming one, some blog-essays are mandatory before contacting us:

If you are interested in the adventure of AURELIS coaching, please contact us through the contact form, stating your background and motivations.

Anyone can apply a ‘straightforward technique’ as that specific technique. You can learn it from a book. You can apply it as a technician (but what works in this and towards what?). It is not passing through you (as an AURELIS coach). The techniques I describe here, on the other hand, do go through yourself. In fact, you first must ‘have’ the technology before you can ‘understand’ it. It is even then not an understanding of the technique. Nothing is grabbed. It is purely done, from within. So if you think you ‘understand’ a technique, think twice. Perhaps you have understood it as a ‘straightforward technique,’ but not yet as a technique?

When will you know if you have/have understood a technique? I would almost dare to say (and so I do it): if you occasionally encounter a depth around it that eventually feels like ‘limitless’…

The techniques I present here are, of course, not a complete collection. Their perfect application is also not a necessary condition for good AURELIS coaching. These techniques sometimes presuppose your own expansion of consciousness, which you must personally support in the first place. I do think it is good to (continue to) strive for it in an ‘Aurelian’ way: at your pace and in congruence with yourself.

What I myself sometimes do in coaching: I take one of these techniques in mind and try to apply it as well as possible. The rest will come as it comes, but that one technique is central during that specific coaching. This helps in building the depth that I can put for myself in each technique.

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