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The AureLisa project is the combination of AURELIS + Lisa (A.I. development, [see: “Introducing Lisa“]). This is bound to be a significant part of an (r)evolution towards the future view upon the human being, in theory and practice.

‘To invest’ in the broadest sense.

Whatever you do with or about this project, you can see it as a present- and future-oriented investment towards the benefit of yourself – personally – and many others, if not all people, eventually.

You may invest by using the free-forever app available in the app stores as ‘Aurelis.’

The AureLisa project is about the human being as a total person.

I know this is high-strung. Of course, this project will not forever be the only development that can ‘save the planet.’ However, in its genre, it is the only one at present.

What makes it utterly unique is the choice for putting the total person – in contrast to mere-ego – radically in the foreground in every domain and in a profoundly ethical manner.

The total person is like an entire pond in comparison with the pond’s surface. There’s a lot more to it than the surface, many in-depth possibilities, much more individual happiness, and ways towards a better culture and society. At the same time, there is some daring needed, a venturing into the new even while that’s essentially different from the usually know.

As in healthcare

In medicine, the domain of psycho-somatics encompasses many issues in which, as the term indicates, the psyche plays a substantial role. The true placebo effect shows this is ubiquitous as well as quite potent in many cases. Nevertheless, one cannot purely consciously decide to have a placebo effect. Thus, a pill or other instrument is needed towards make-belief.

No make-belief is needed with autosuggestion. It is entirely open communication with yourself as a total person. This is more ethical, more efficient, and more encompassing than a placebo. Indeed, the more open alternative makes the use of placebos largely unethical.

Placebo should go if there is a better alternative ― which we have now.

The aim of AURELIS-autosuggestion is not simply better health, but a better person in health. This is still tremendously absent in somatic medicine.

The surface alone will never do.

One needs to go in-depth. That doesn’t mean ‘jumping and drowning.’ It doesn’t mean delving as in psychoanalysis in which what is found is not even so very different from the surface.

AURELIS-autosuggestion is primarily communication. It’s about respecting yourself as a total person and letting yourself act as such in the most efficient ways.

AureLisa is the only project with this endeavor that combines rationality and depth.

This is also most durable.

Both come without mutual compromise. This way, AureLisa can bring human depth within scientific medicine, where it can stay until the end of time ― which is how it should be.

This is not only theory but head-on practice at the fingertips of everyone. It puts the ‘patient’ – and equally the healthy person – at the center of healthcare as never before.

This needs a solid ethical basis, which itself is deeply human-focused. In the AureLisa project, this is grasped in five keywords: openness, depth, respect, freedom, trust(worthiness).


There is a lot of science behind this and a lot more to come. By investing, you also help in this. Together, we’re bound to be at the forefront in many ways.

This is an immensely serious matter about countless people’s well-being, health, life, and death. At present, Western medicine is skating over an icy pond. That’s relatively cold and hard, and the living fish beneath are not reached.

Financially, this is not a project concerning a few million, but countless billions. It’s simple to say, ‘the deeper self,’ but this is relevant to every aspect of humanity. [see: “What is ‘Depth’?“]

Therefore, also, much more than healthcare

This is relevant to every aspect of human society: politics, education, judiciary, diplomacy, leadership, you name it. You can find much of this at the AURELIS blog-wiki, ordered in 20+ categories.

Eventually, this is about an essential change in every human endeavor. Where at present, we see pain, we can envision paths towards humanly congruent evolution by taking into account much more than a superficial illusion.

This is all without any doubt of worldwide importance.

Moreover, our human view will shape – and is already shaping – the journey of A.I. towards an intelligence that will handle us (soon enough) with benevolence or not. See the menu, go to Amazon, and find a book (600+ p.) about this, congruent with AURELIS insights and ethics.

Please do it for yourself.

As an individual, the best way for you and the project is to become a ‘friend of Lisa’ [see: “Friends of Lisa“] by taking a cooperative share that you can sell at any time for the same amount.

Please let us know if you are working for an organization that may want to cooperate with the AureLisa project. You can send an email to lisa@aurelis.org.

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