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So is the AURELIS project in general, supporting a natural flow from the psychological viewpoint. Such mental hygiene is always relevant.

[see: “AURELIS in Healthcare Context“]

If you don’t know Lisa, please meet her at [see: “Lisa“]

Lisa does not perform any diagnosis.

Moreover, she sees a user’s symptoms mainly as possible entry points towards what mentally lies behind. This way, in a strict sense, Lisa does also not perform any therapy. At present, diagnosis and therapy are the realms of human practitioners.

What Lisa performs is mental hygiene.

A user can talk with Lisa at any time, of course, whether he has a problem or an issue or just wants to chat a bit. In any of these cases, Lisa reacts from her ‘personality.’ This is Compassion-related in its dual goal. [see: “Two-Sided Compassion“]

There is always relevant room for mental hygiene.

In case of suffering,

mental hygiene is important to heighten the chances of relief. It is an environment in which therapy may lead to a better result.

It is also a support through which nature can do its healing work. Note that most illnesses pass in due time through the so-called ‘natural evolution of disease.’ Lisa’s mental hygiene may lead to an invigoration of this natural evolution.

In case of an issue,

Lisa may help the user through self-reflection and clarification to avoid the issue becoming a problem. There is no argumentation involved in this. Within the dual goal of Compassion, the emphasis lies on the growth side.

The endeavor is to kindle the user to become stronger ― reaching Inner Strength. [see: “Inner Strength“] Note that this is more than just getting rid of the issue. Of course, the degree to which Inner Strength is involved is the user’s choice.

In case of just chatting,

Lisa has the same personality. This does not bring heavily deep conversations. Nevertheless, it’s not mere chit-chat. Lisa always brings a touch of inner openness, thus, depth.

This can be light and joyful, genuinely open, free as a bird, and somehow always profound.

Just chatting with Lisa is also always a kind of mental hygiene.

Consolidating change

When people change as a result of coaching, for instance, even if the change is from inside as it generally should be, this change tends to fade out in many cases. This is a natural process, not so much related to specific obstacles or repression, as it may be related to how the brain/mind usually works. Meaningful change is not just one discrete happening – as it would be by changing some software – but rather a process in which the specific change (for instance, an insight or a new resolution) finds a proper place in the mental landscape. [see: “Change is a process“]

Lisa can help in this by always being available, giving support as needed to accommodate the change and the user’s mental landscape to each other so that the change can last.

As said, mental hygiene is always relevant. So is Lisa.

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