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This is mostly about AurelisOnLine sessions, also about coaching. At the core, they work through the level of patterns ― more cloud-like than clock-like.

Please go to [see: “How Do AURELIS Sessions Work? (Animated Video)“]

What’s in a pattern?

A pattern is a meaningful conglomerate of elements, each of these not being easily graspable as to its contribution to the pattern as a whole. The pattern is more than the sum of the elements.

What’s in a pattern emerges from the elements. Each element contributes meaningfully, but there are many. One cannot understand or even sense a pattern by looking at each individual element.

Play of patterns

Like poetry, a session’s patterns cannot just be straightforwardly transposed. They are meant to touch the listener, sometimes deep inside if the listener is open to such.

Through this, non-conscious mental-neuronal patterns are gently nudged. They are invited to change from the inside. They do so if they are ready for this change. In that case, they do so in congruence with other patterns of any type and depth/degree of distribution.

“Only if you are ready for this, you may feel something change inside.”

Obviously, this needs respect from both sides: the developer of the sessions and the listener/user.


AurelisOnLine sessions don’t bring conceptual information. Instead, they are invitational from the start till the end. These are two different kinds of communication.

The communication of the sessions is subconceptual. [see: “Suggestion: Communication to the Subconscious“] The intended suggestion does not act at the conceptual level.

If you as listener try to conceptually ‘get’ what it is about, you do something akin to analyzing a poem to pieces. That’s not going to work. Also, you risk getting the impression that there’s nothing to be experienced. The poem vanishes.

No placebo

A session doesn’t work as a mere piece of information. An aspirin doesn’t work if you glue it to your forehead ― except maybe as a placebo.

Of course, as anything, AURELIS can be used as a placebo. At least, the aim is to get beyond that. [see: “AURELIS as a Placebo?“]

How can this have an influence on the body?

Body-mind unity: each element of a pattern is also a material element, be it a neuron or a synapse or yet something else. There is no bridge between body and mind to be found or concocted. [see: “Psyche and Soma, Two Sides of One Coin“]

This unity means two things simultaneously: the unity itself, and the importance of depth. [see: “What is ‘Depth’?“]

Fast or slow

Much depends on the right kind of leverage the listener finds in himself. In theory, any session may bring a world of difference. To the user, this is like some insight being born, an enlightenment taking place in a flash, the sudden appearance of a new situation, a pattern that brings about an essential change.

Otherwise, it’s like a gentle and possibly long and winding path.

Neither is better or worse ― except for westerners with too little time. The path, at least, enables one to enjoy the landscape and find many idiosyncratically interesting things. Also, it may build a stronger house.

In many cases, there may be a combination of both: the path preparing the flash showing the subsequent path ― always different, therefore also always fascinating.

Proper coaching is guidance in all this. [see: “AURELIS Coaching Attitude“]

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