Don’t Try ‘Here’ to be ‘There.’

August 1, 2021 AURELIS Syllabus No Comments

Breaking out of mere-ego without leaving mere-ego…

Oh, dear.

The flower bud that absolutely wants to be an open flower, but cannot let go of the top of the flower bud.

Oh, dear.

This tension can grow very high.

‘h3ere’ trying to be ‘there,’ and at the same time trying to take ‘here’ with you, can tear you apart inside. Enormous frustration then can turn into anger, sometimes directed against the one who shows the ‘open flower’ or even more: who shows that this is the natural goal of every human being.

People can even become conditioned by frustrations to see the whole domain of ‘there’ as the cause of that frustration. This is not necessarily conscious, but that is precisely why it is often difficult to recognize and grasp.

So a lot of resistance, like glue with which one sticks to ‘here.’

The more frustration there is, the more effort someone makes to YET get ‘there’… without leaving ‘here.’


“I’m doing all I can in the world.”

“Then just tell me what to do… in words of ‘here.’”


“This frustration is intentionally inflicted on me .”


“It’s impossible. I don’t see others doing it either.”

“It is only for enlightened minds, but not for mere mortals like me.”

“I don’t want to have anything to do with it.”

You should especially make it clear to someone you find in such a condition to NOT make an effort… in this way.

After all, the paradox for such a person is that progress can only be made by taking a step back and then reaching an insight through some more overview.

Namely: ‘I’ am not doing this.

A top-of-flower-bud can never become an open flower itself.

It can only transcend into it.

This requires humility and infinite patience.

Like Sleeping Beauty.

Fairy tales, too, aim to teach lessons and speak directly to the total person.

Fortunately, ‘100 years of sleep’ in this fairy tale is only meant symbolically, namely symbolic or ‘infinite’ patience. Sleeping Beauty is probably sleeping because she lets her conceptual awareness get in the way.

What ultimately awakens her as a total person is a kiss of love.

Nice, isn’t it.

Anyway, translated into some usual chatter:

Someone can get frustrated because sessions apparently don’t work well (anymore).

The problem with this, of course, is that AURELIS sessions aren’t meant to work from the start. This is by no means easy to understand deeply… without humility and infinite patience.

As a coach, it is especially important to guide the coachee in understanding these two concepts. They are apparently quite philosophical. However, they are very deeply human and alive.

Which means:

Humility and infinite patience ‘work’ (yes, in this case) not by understanding them, but by living them.

They can make a difference like night and day in someone’s life.

One has to be like a Sleeping Beauty to really wake up, touched by the most profound thing that exists.

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