General healing from inside

Heal Your Self 

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Together with each other indication

In this indication you find some techniques to work on ‘healing’ in a general way, irrespective of the symptoms with which you have to cope. You can therefore use this with any other indication.

No duplication

It has been taken care of that the techniques of this indication correspond as little as possible to techniques used elsewhere in AURELIS. There is thus no duplication. You find here entirely new ways to work on the same problems. The symptom is of course indicated here with the term ‘symptom’. The techniques are very general and applicable to each symptom. They are also very light: a gentle aid in a gentle way of healing.

Vary these techniques with others

It is always positive to vary these AURELIS techniques with other, more focused techniques that you can find at each separate indication.

Preventive self care

You can also consider this indication as a preventive self care. Fill in for ‘symptom’ something like ‘chance on symptom’ or ‘feeling of distress’ that everyone of us experiences from time to time. In order to ‘heal’ you do not have to be ill. Defining and fighting disease is only one way of striving towards health. Another way is put more directly and positively as: not fighting illness, but promoting health, ‘healing’ in the sense of an always more far-reaching process of becoming-whole.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Healing as deeper ground of relaxation
    The deeper tension that hampers the way towards healing disappears. The landscape becomes flat. Negative energy is hardly present.
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  • Constantly being open to the feeling of healing
    By constantly opening to the positive that spontaneously occurs within, you are ready for the healing, which can come at any time.
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  • Egyptian healing: sun rays
    Special sun rays shine upon you and relieve your symptom, whatever that symptom is. The sun rays appear to have small hands that touch your symptom and take the negative elements back to the sun.
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  • The symptom dissolves and makes you stronger
    The symptom does not disappear but dissolves, and as a result becomes something else, something you no longer call 'symptom'. Through this change, you also transform into a person with more inner strength than before.
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  • Positive attention without analysis
    You give attention to your symptom coming from your deeper self. There is no analysis involved. You take the symptom as it is and try not to change it. As a result, it spontaneously changes itself.
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  • 'Compassion' makes you already being healed from inside
    By wishing the best from deep within, you reach an immense source of healing. This healing doesn't necessarily mean a cure, but is very important.
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  • Accepting your symptom as partner and friend
    This is an important conversation with your symptom. It is not your enemy. Together, as equals, you can strive for a solution.
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  • The use of a medicine as symbol
    Each medicine you take is a symbol for recovery. By using the medicine accordingly, you immediately need less of it.
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  • The idea of healing as 'mantra'
    An idea, an utterance or an activity are sometimes used in the East and West as 'mantra' to obtain a meditation-inspired effect. In this session, the 'idea of healing' is applied as such.
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  • Healing from your deeper self towards your surroundings and back again
    You project 'healing' from your deeper self towards your surroundings. Through this, these surroundings become healing both for you and others.
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