Working principles of Aurelis

The effect of Aurelis is based on two basic principles: the power of deep relaxation and the use of autosuggestion. There is no persuasion using Ā arguments involved.

Deep relaxation

The deep relaxation that can be obtained using Aurelis goes far beyond the relaxation of a normal leisure.

During a deep relaxation, you spontaneously experience a temporary reduction in the normal hectic flow of thoughts, through which you become more synchronized with yourself and can be more open to a change (e.g. from smoker to non-smoker) that accords to your whole personality. This change is more profound and of lasting character than a change based solely on willpower.

In addition, a deep relaxation in itself is already effective in enhancing e.g. pain relief and stress resistance, or in letting yourself enter a peaceful sleep.


Methods of autosuggestion are ways of thinking that are occasionally spontaneously used by anyone in ordinary situations, whether or not through a conscious decision, for all kinds of goals. In that context, they often work in a positive way but also in a negative way. E.g.. acute or chronic pain perception is strongly influenced by the attention given to it and also by the meaning that the pain has in a particular situation. For example, soldiers suffering from a wound on the battlefield, usually experience much less pain than a citizen with the same wound. For the soldier, the wound has the additional meaning that he can escape danger. A strategy used by some managers with great success to increase their own stress resistance, is to imagine oneself as someone who reacts very stress resistant in any situation. A strategy that many people can help to stop smoking is to connect the smoke-automatism (cigarette in hand - cigarette in mouth) with another automatism (deeply breathing a few times - deeply relaxing - consciously deciding whether this cigarette is still needed). With Aurelis, you can optimally make use of the enormous opportunities that these ways of thinking provide if they are applied in a structured manner.

In Aurelis, you find a large number of these methods (> 1100 in total, several per domain). This is important because different ways are more suitable to different people. Also, different ways may be more appropriate to the same person depending on the situation, or in the course of time. Moreover, the simultaneous use of a number of ways often has ancillary benefits, provided that you do not, of course, jump too quickly from one to the other. One must give each way the opportunity to sink in through sufficient repetitions. The degree of necessary repetitions is very dependent from individual to individual.

With Aurelis, you do not learn about these ways, but you perform and experience them immediately. It lies within the responsibility of users to learn to apply these ways, as well as the relaxation exercises, for themselves and without Aurelis, provide some refreshment from time to time.