What is autosuggestion, what is AURELIS?

Very generally, autosuggestion is any kind of communication with the subconscious whereby you pursue a more or less oriented (positive or negative) objective. An example of suggestion is when you see someone else yawn or only think of yawning and thereby feel the inclination of yawning rise within yourself. If 'yawning' is your targeted goal, then you can intensely think of it or look in the mirror while you are acting-as-if and let yourself go into yawning. In such case you are already working with autosuggestion.

Autosuggestion is nothing special. Everybody does it throughout the day. In an intense and focused manner however, it is a very powerful tool that can deeply affect the human mind and body. Your yawning is already an example of physical effect.

But autosuggestion is not just an act of will. So what you cannot do for example, is make the yawning occur as a result of merely wishing-to-yawn. Something else is needed (and possible) for a powerful effect.

The Aurelis project aims to make autosuggestion and deep relaxation available in the most appropriate way to the widest possible audience. Central to the project is the ‘appropriate use’. This means that behind Aurelis lies a thorough basic philosophy that is strictly observed throughout the project. This basic philosophy is characterized by:

  • Non-aggression. There is never anything forced. Any change (healing, reduction of addiction) comes completely out of yourself and is therefore comparable with an organic growth process. Through the use of Aurelis you become more yourself, never less.
  • Strengthening of the person. Unlike e.g. medication, Aurelis supports and enhances your own inner strength. This is also important for your overall health and well-being, both now and later.
  • Openness. Aurelis sessions are always very open so that it feels every time again as if they have been prepared especially for you and even track your personal evolution.
  • Honesty. There are no loopholes used to bypass your consciousness. So no 'subliminal' or 'simultaneous' suggestions and no consciousness-bypassing techniques of classical hypnosis.

In Aurelis, no attempt is made to 'explain' the subconscious. We have chosen for a purely functional perspective. I.e. an answer to the question: how can one use/experience/let the subconscious be directly present in one’s life in an optimal way?