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With Online Guided Meditations

Actively boost your mental strength for a meaningful and healthy life. Join us and heighten your wellbeing on many domains:

  • relaxation and meditation
  • chronic pain, burn-out, depression, stress...
  • sleeplessness
  • over-eating, smoking and other addictions
  • many other health complaints
  • motivation, leadership...
  • list of all domains

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An AURELIS membership offers access to:

  • 1000+ guided mental exercises & meditations (5-20 minuten each) on 200+ domains
  • practical mental workouts
  • coaching by certified coaches
  • a vast amount of scientific, medical and practical information.
  • Offline lectures and workshops.

AURELIS services are based on neuro-cognitive science.

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The Science

State-of-the-art neuroscience tells us that we can change our minds and rewire our brains to enhance our mental strength and wellbeing, prevent & address mind-related conditions at low cost. For more information, see menu, visit our Blog and note the scientific references at many domains.

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Author and inspirator of AURELIS is Dr. Jean-Luc Mommaerts, MD, MSc, PhD.

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For companies

From a very consistent philosophy of growth, AURELIS fully strives towards the good for employees as well as for their leaders and for the whole company. It's a win - win - win ...

AURELIS offers to companies several possibilities from which together with you, we form an appropriate mix:

  • AurelisOnLine: sessions of autosuggestion for everyone
  • Read & Do experiences online
  • coaching (motivational, leadership...)
  • workshops
  • lectures
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For HealthCare Providers

AURELIS can be seen as a stand-alone tool as well as in a ‘blended’ context in which the client / patient cooperates with appropriate healthcare provider(s).

You can read here an introduction to the AURELIS philosophy for healthcare providers (English article).

If you are interested to become an AURELIS coach or you want to learn more about coaching, ‘the AURELIS way’:

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A membership gives you unlimited access to all AURELIS content and domains.
AURELIS is a non-profit. Your contribution goes entirely to supporting the program, the philosophy and the community.
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Together we can co-create in order to increase health and deeper wellness by taking into account the total human being in body-mind unity!

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