Aurelis online guided meditation - Boost your mental strength and use that inner strength for a long-lasting meaningful and healthy life.


More than 1000 sessions at more than 200 domains. Streaming on any computer and further support.

Connect Your Self

An annual check-up of deep motivation to act from the power within. Connect your Self. It is the basis of all motivation.


Towards business. In a few hours and in a group, you learn to know and experience a facet of yourself (even) deeper.

Open Mindfulness

Open attention is quite different from the usual: open from where the focus comes from within yourself.

Quit Smoking

Quit smoking as your choice. Without aggression, and only when you're ready.

Getting Slim

Mentally getting slim without fighting yourself. The body follows the mind in deep motivation.

Stressional Intelligence

Unhealthy stress becomes healthy stress. Finding (again) a dynamic equilibrium in which inner strength prevails.

Depression Relief

Depression being the loss of living contact with one’s deeper self, gets relieved through re-connecting.