The Wart of Evelyn

When my daughter was little, I often got patients on the consultation with a wart on their hand or foot sole. I was a newly qualified doctor, worked in a hospital and had a device at my disposal with which one could burn warts by means of an electric current. And so it came to pass...

In the meantime I have come a long way in the land of the white-coated healers. I am what you can call a permanent seeker, a rooting man who does not stop before he has found what is promised and who even then, out of habit perhaps, continues to dig around. What intrigues me over and over again is the enormous power of nature to self-healing and the fact that you can see this strength clearly present in man. During my years of medical practice I have known a lot of people who obviously became ill according to their mental attitude towards their ill-being. 'Autosuggestion' is the set of ways we can address our unconscious to put its best foot forward for the sake of our healing. In a typical medical practice there is a lot to see in this field that does not fit in a mainly physical medicine. I am convinced that we use less than 10% of the healing power that we can easily bring up out of ourselves.

To come back to our warts story, sometimes warts were and are being—defused. Usually one goes to see a priest who then mutters a little prayer to eliminate the wart, often with good result. Also that is autosuggestion. In any case it is better than freezing, burning, cutting out or injecting a wart with very toxic products.

In time of this writing, when my daughter of 6 has a little wart, I decide to see how it goes. After a while I tell about a little gnome who comes at night to scrape the wart away — with a little gnome-file. What is also important: iI suggest to begin with this when she is ready for it. She says: — "Not today, daddy". A few days later: — "Today I am starting, daddy"  She decides when she feels ready for it. Isn't that incredibly fine?  The diligent filing gnome comes every nigth, all week. We call him by touching the wart for a moment and then we close our eyes and together we think about the gnome very intensevely.  Afterwards we discuss thoroughly how the gnome looks like. After the first night there is already a noticeable difference. After a week the wart is as good as gone and the gnome comes to visit just for fun.

It does not stop at the healing of the little wart. Also other things are being learned. For example, Evelyn has discovered that everyone has their own goblin. Practical, no? That way, the little men will never get overworked.

In addition, I tell her bluntly that the story about the gnome especially aims at the healing of her own little wart. "Heal yourself", she knows it already from the title of my book. And she says quite seriously: "I quite understand it though " She says it in such a serious way that I believe her immediately. She knows it, not as dry science but as a very natural thing. And I take that as a point on board. I will never forget it. It gives me a feeling that I find completely right deep down. The feeling that all the hassle of rational explanation is actually not that important. What matters, is the gnome, the metaphor where real life lies. And isn't it so that any scientific explanation of ill-being is itself a rather poor metaphor?

Children understand a lot. They also know that there is a lot to understand beyond the domain of the pure understanding itself. Growing up consists in part of "forgetting" what kids know. Listening to children is therefore always very interesting. You will find not only a concrete "truth" but also a lot of "wisdom".

Later Evelyn can use her memories of events like this to also heal herself in other circumstances that are much more important than a wart on her foot. Maybe she will never get cancer thanks to this (remember: a wart is a tumor caused by viruses). Sure she will be less susceptible to infections, autoimmune diseases (such as arthritis or multiple sclerosis), and many other medical conditions, when she learns to use her inner strength.

I know it's difficult to implement all this into science, because the typical human things are difficult  to fit into tight boxes and it is therefore very difficult to investigate them experimentally. Sometimes science just stops at some point and and then you have to march further on your own with fragile footsteps. Then it comes down to say goodbye to science not too soon. This is truly a challenge for a new millennium (or two). But yes, science or no science, what is most important is the GNOME. Sleep tight, little Evelyn.