AURELIS and symptom relief

Although sometimes a different impression is given, few drugs in Western medicine are really curative. Most of the medicines either slow down the course of illness, or reduce the symptoms of the disease until the cure sets in through a natural healing process. This is largely relevant for disorders with a purely somatic cause, but even more for psychosomatic disorders. Think of hypnotics, anti-inflammatory agents, antihypertensives, analgesics, medications against itching, antidiarrhetics etc. Moreover, all these drugs have side effects. Using AURELIS, however, one can use their own inner strength to address specific psychosomatic symptoms at the source and without side effects.

When working at mere symptom relief, one must use some prudence. On the one hand, one must always have due regard to the possibility of an underlying physical condition. Aurelis always refers to the GP for this. On the other hand, a symptom may have its own purposes that are not always easy to discern. Think for instance, of secondary gain from illness or think of a symptom as communication of underlying psychological problems. The latter does not necessarily have to be a deeply repressed problem. A symptom is sometimes just a kind of body language that exists because a body as such has no direct verbal communication available.

It should be noted here that something is not altogether right in traditional Western medicine, where one dares to ‘cut out’ a symptom using powerful but nonspecific means without any (time consuming) attention to underlying problems. This is probably one of the main reasons for a growing interest in alternative medicines. Aurelis too, is an alternative, but one that is fully based upon scientific grounds and therefore is perfectly capable of being integrated within the whole of Western medicine.