Hypnosis - often categorized as alternative medicine - is a recognized scientific discipline, with courses given at university level (e.g. also in Belgium and the Netherlands) and scientific journals. Hypnosis is an area where many remarkable achievements are delivered in the domain of medicine and elsewhere. The results of hypnosis are very diverse. That is understandable: every hypnotist works differently. Even every session is different. This makes it very difficult to standardize and to conduct experimental research. Nevertheless, the possibilities are clearly very large and proven.

Some hypnotists still cling to the 'old' hypnosis, including trance and other hocus-pocus. However, there is a broad consensus that these are not necessary for the effectiveness of hypnosis. What remains as the underlying operating principle then is pure (auto)suggestion. The ‘trance’ itself is only important as a somewhat special placebo.

Conclusion: since suggestion is the only active ingredient in hypnosis, all results that are achieved through hypnosis and that are undeniably proven, can be put on this account. It is far better to omit the hocus-pocus. This indeed scares away many serious people and draws charlatans. At the same time, one can bring (auto)suggestion even more efficiently.