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The language of dreams

Dreams are expressions of the deeper self. As such, they speak the same symbolic language as fairy tales and myths. It also resembles the language that you can personally use to communicate with your own deeper self. In other words, it looks like the language of autosuggestion, even strongly overlapping it sometimes. The difference is that the language of dreams has often much more resolutely left the language of conscious understanding. This difference is so big that we generally very quickly forget our dreams. We dream at the average 5-6 times per night, but only remember at most one dream that comes to us shortly before awakening.

Sometimes frightening, always intriguing

Dreams are always intriguing if you enter deeper into them. There is always a meaning behind that comes from your deeper self, no matter how diverse the forms may be in which this can express itself. It’s always interesting to go deeper into this one way or the other. Your dreams are there for you. This is not to be understood in the sense that they are the result of a conscious intention to communicate. It’s more like a bucket that spontaneously overflows than like a watering-can which is consciously used. Somehow you can speak of an intention, but this is very underlying. With confidence in the whole process you can nevertheless always learn from it, possibly even very deep insights that affect the core of your existence! In the case of recurring dreams this can be the case even more. Frightening dreams also belong to this category. They often bring you an important message that deserves your fullest respect. You can look at the ‘fear’ as the tension that has been built up because you gave insufficient attention to this message before. Of course, the more important it is for you to do this now.

No psychoanalysis

This AURELIS-indication is no psychoanalysis. The deeper ‘contents’ (meanings, motivations, inspirations) that you encounter in yourself, are not being analysed. It is not a course in ‘anatomy of the deeper self’. The communication is much more respectful than that. You ‘ask’ your deeper self that it more clearly manifests itself and you get an answer only if you are ready for it as a total person. The effort that you do, the patience and respect that you show, are very important. An advantage of this is that it is very safe and at the same time also very efficient. You encounter much less ‘resistance’ within yourself than is generally the case with psychoanalysis. The change that you encounter, is eventually a spontaneous, natural growth.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • To relive a dream and to freely make associations around it
    Without forcing anything at yourself, you return in a deep relaxation towards a dream that you remember well, of a short or long time ago. You remain respectfully (to yourself) at a distance at which you can always feel relaxed. You 'ask' whether at this distance something of the deeper meaning can reach you.
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  • Dreaming consciously
    What is called a 'lucid dream', is a dream in which you act while remaining consciously aware of it. I.e. during a dream you know that you are dreaming and can give the dream a direction. With this session you do the same, but with a dream in your imagination. This can be very interesting, provided you grant yourself the time. ALWAYS be patient.
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  • A dream content comes to you as Inner Counsellor
    Dramatic dreams were often considered in antiquity as 'communications of the gods' who used this method to bring people advice. In any case, you can make use of such advice with this session, irrespective of whether you believe in an antique Greek oracle or simply in the strength of your deeper self.
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  • Aid for frightening dreams
    If you are regularly bothered by frightening dreams, you can create an aid for yourself in this session to keep the fear under control. In the spirit of Aurelis you can, of course, not expect any aggressive tools. On the contrary, you receive some instruments with which you can work gently yet strongly.
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  • A frightening dream becomes a friendly invitation
    You think back to a frightening dream or let new frightening phantasms arise within yourself for the occasion. Of course with all possible prudence, and only if you are already convinced that behind the fear lies a large friendliness. During this session, you are entirely open to this friendliness and you learn from it.
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