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Some very general techniques

This indication encompasses some techniques that you can use with any symptom. You then have to fill in by yourself the 'symptom' wherever this is mentioned. The techniques that you find here are very general and sometimes overlapping with techniques you find elsewhere in AURELIS. In this indication they have been developed gently. As a result of this, they are well suited for beginners as well as for the advanced who can especially appreciate the extra gentle approach.


You can, of course, combine this indication with other AURELIS indications. The techniques are, even if overlapping, always developed with other accents, priorities, angles and as said, an extra mild approach.

Connecting with your own symptom

It deserves recommendation to decide for yourself very clearly and concretely before each session about which symptom you want it to go. Spend some time on this, even if only for a few minutes. During the session, you should no longer actively have to think which symptom it may be about. Let everything simply come such as it comes. Give your own deeper self the confidence to look after you as well as possible.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Visualization & validation of the future
    You imagine yourself in a future where the symptom is less present. You enjoy this for a while and feel that it can become this way for you always.
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  • Strengthening of medication
    If you actually take medication, you can work for you during this session. You enforce nothing but simply open yourself to possibility. You anything positive automatically happen to you.
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  • Gradual diminishment of the symptom
    You imagine feeling the symptom gradually diminish. You become free of it in a gentle way and it disappears from your life as you are ready.
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  • Direct suggestions
    These are direct suggestions, repeated randomly a number of times. This looks like 'positive thinking' but very gently, and without danger, you coerce yourself into something you are not ready for.
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  • Giving the symptom a color and then changing that color
    You give your symptom a color that rises within you as spontaneously as possible. Then you let this color change spontaneously while you link with the certainty that your symptom diminishes.
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  • The 'special room' in which the symptom doesn't exist
    In your own mind, you form a 'special' room where each time you stay there, the symptom spontaneously disappears at the pace of the symptom itself.
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  • Message of / communication with the symptom
    You communicate with your symptom in a very gentle way in two directions. By doing this, you can learn to feel how you best handle your symptom and what it means to you now, before, and in the future.
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  • Your gentle friendly attention to the symptom
    You imagine how you can effectively send your friendly attention to your symptom. You see how the symptom reacts. With this exercise, you learn to be gentle and also powerful, especially within yourself.
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  • Special sun rays that make the symptom slowly disappear
    You feel like special sun rays act upon your symptom, and each time the symptom dissolves, even changes into a kind of 'inner strength'.
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  • Like a flower that spontaneously opens
    In your imagination you see a flower at the verge of opening. She opens only if you feel completely open within yourself. The opening of the flower means your symptom is ready to 'sprout' in a good way and disappear as a symptom.
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