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The subject of this indication

In this indication, some techniques have been brought together that you can use specifically during and around a visit to the dentist. It's mainly about control of pain, fear and tension. It has also been proven that through this, local blood loss diminishes and the work of the dentist becomes easier. Moreover, it's also about motivation to take good care of your teeth and to show the general respect you have for yourself. Your visit at the dentist is made as pleasant as possible and you get the chance to learn something about yourself at a deeper level - if you wish.


You can learn the techniques beforehand and repeat them to yourself during the visit itself. Of course, it's also possible to listen to them in the waiting room or even during the visit itself, although then it's a bit late for a really optimal effect. In any case, you don't get "out of touch with the world" through these exercises. You can always easily react to possible questions of the dentist or communicate something yourself if necessary.


You find more techniques of pain reduction in that specific indication. The same for short techniques of relaxation and anti-fear techniquese. For a phobia to the dentist the indication 'phobia - general' is applicable.
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  • The pain becomes less 'pain' and more 'an indefinite feeling'
    With this exercise, you focus your attention on your pain, but feel this less as something that you otherwise immediately link with 'pain'. The feeling is eventually the same but its meaning changes. 'Fear of pain' gets an irrelevant aspect.
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  • The dentist's chair sympathizes with you and supports you
    In your imagination, the chair on which you are sitting or lying  while the dentist is busy, gets special qualities. At a deep level you feel 'compassion' and support from it. You realize in reality this comes from your own deeper self, and the chair is a symbol.
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  • What happens now is purely for the good of you and your teeth
    Everything is okay and positive. Your dentist and you simply do what is best for you. You can trust this completely. Through this trust, you let yourself go entirely , as a result of which your body reacts to everything very well.
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  • Any 'pain' that you experience, immediately flies away
    Any pain you experience, you have the deep impression that this immediately flies away in all directions at the same time. You forget the pain and remain  equanimous and open-minded the entire time.
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  • Everything happens in a state of deep relaxation
    You come and stay in a state of deep relaxation. Perhaps your attention is elsewhere. Each manipulation of the dentist can help you deepen your relaxation more.
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