Vertigo - dizziness

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Mental component of vertigo

Vertigo often has a physical component. A thorough investigation is therefore always needed. With emotional shock or strong agitation it is however obvious that vertigo can have a mental component. Also the vertigo related to fear of heights is clearly purely mental. The altitude itself does not affect you of course. That is simply impossible. It is the interpretation by the one who suffers from fear of heights that affects him.

An altitude in emotions

The altitude in itself can be ‘mental’, not expressed in inches or meters, but in emotions. The vertigo is then a feeling of falling in an emotional depth, consciously or unconsciously. It can then be related to a deeper feeling to be in front of something that you actually can not manage, or a feeling in an emotional relationship not to be able to reach what you want. All these are also forms of ‘fear of heights’ at a symbolic level.

A plank on 50 meters altitude

Walking over a plank that lies on the ground, generally goes automatically. Put the same plank on 50 meters altitude and, even if you do not especially suffer from fear of heights, you almost certainly fall. That is an example of suggestion. The idea that you can fall, draws you down. Autosuggestion in a positive sense can in such a case be life-saving. This audio-cd brings you now the possibility of using autosuggestion to your own advantage in all cases of vertigo. This not only brings change in the symptom itself, but also in what it symbolises.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Walking over a plank at different heights
    You walk over a plank at several altitudes. Each time you start feeling yourself become dizzy you imagine yourself already on the other side. There is no failure, this is exactly what the exercise is about.  There is no need for vertigo. Each time you reach the other side, you feel that next time you will be less burdened by vertigo, and at a higher altitude.
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  • Being pulled upwards
    In your imagination there are invisible wires attached to your head and shoulders The wires pull \ you just as hard as you feel yourself comfortable with. They are very firm wires and you  can no longer fall. This gives you a sense of equilibrium in the occasion, to repair itself.
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  • Into contact with the solid center of yourself
    You imagine that your mind becomes very wide while your body remains the same. In the center of your mine you notice a fixed core of stability that you can sense very well. You have a fixed basis inside that is linked to the center of the universe. Through this, your equilibrium entirely belongs to you and you alone.
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  • Vertigo gets dissolved into the ground
    You feel the general pressure of your body on the ground beneath  you and how that pressure gives you support and firmness. If you feel dizzy,  you can slowly let that vertigo go down. As the vertigo is moved further and further from your head, you feel how it has less of a hold on you. Eventually the vertigo flows into the ground.
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  • Deep relaxation instead of dizziness
    Everywhere in your head the vertigo is replaced by a very deep relaxation, like a fog that disappears when the sun rises. If there are still remnants of vertigo, these are torn apart so that less of it remains.
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  • Throwing away a sudden attack of dizziness
    Each time you feel vertigo creep up on you, in your imagination firmly grab it, turn it around, and immediately throw it away. Use the strength of the approaching vertigo to move it beside you and then away from you.
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Scientific References
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