Tremor (trembling)

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Many possible causes

There are many possible causes of tremor. A medical examination is always appropriate , because in some cases tremor has a physical cause that demands a medical treatment. Whatever the cause however, it is clear that stress is always a worsening factor. This is even the case with a clearly organically caused tremor such as Parkinson’s disease. Better handling this stress through relaxation and a higher ‘stressional intelligence’ is therefore always recommended.

Less need of medication

A diminishment of the tremor through the use of AURELIS results in less need of medication. Even if the tremor is not solved entirely through this, it is nevertheless already a good thing. In many cases a diminishment of the symptom is also the best that medication can bring. With AURELIS you obtain this result without side effects.

Expectation (autosuggestion) of tremor

The expectation (autosuggestion) on tremor heightens it. AURELIS offers you the possibility of applying autosuggestion for the diminishment of tremor. The symptom ‘tremor’ asks your attention, but superficial attention reinforces it. This is a vicious circle. Only a deeper attention frees the way towards a spontaneous diminishment of trembling. It is eventually also this deeper attention that is asked for by the symptom. By a proper use of AURELIS you let the tremor reduce itself through simply becoming superfluous.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Accepting tremor so that it can diminish automatically
    This becomes possible through proper acceptance: you are open to it and when a decrease happens, you simply let go.
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  • Letting tension flow away from your tremor
    You let tension flow away from you and your tremor and reach a deep relaxation.
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  • Imagination: vibration that fades away
    You can consider your tremor as a sound vibration that you use as a kind of mantra (sound or word that you use as a focus for concentration and relaxation). First, you practice with extinction around the mantra, then you use the extinguishing of the mantra-consonance itself.
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  • Getting rid of expectation on tremor
    You play with the expectation of a non-tremor that stays longer, as a communication towards your deeper self. This is a counterweight for the negative expectation of tremor.
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  • Like an arrow towards the aim
    You imagine an arrow flying to its target with few or no fluctuations. The arrow is a symbol for yourself: each time you have a tremor, you imagine this arrow.
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Scientific References
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