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Travel sickness is a ‘short circuit’ from different signals

Travel sickness can appear if several senses and the organ of balance perceive different signals that are not easily brought into agreement with each other. The result is a kind of short circuit, the consequence of this being the so-called ‘travel sickness’. This can occur on land, at sea or in the air.

Beforehand or during symptoms

If you have to travel regularly, travel sickness can be a most annoying disorder. With this indication, you can already work on a diminishment of the symptoms. If you are still burdened by beginning travel sickness, then you can best repeat one or more of these exercises. Of course, this can also be done in combination with a medicine.

Fear of loss of control

Behind travel sickness often lies an inner fear of loss of control. The control gets lost if the world no longer reacts such as it normally does. There is movement and at the same time also not. Everything becomes loose and through this, you become more or less dizzy. You can therefore also think about travel sickness as an invitation to yourself to work on your own feeling of control in general. The sessions of this indication are developed in such a way that you are regularly supported this direction too.

Other indications

Pure relaxation and sessions about general dizziness can also be interesting for you. Good to know: it has not been proven yet that medication against travel sickness (and that against general dizziness), works outside the placebo effect and the possible effect of it as a tranquillizer. Therefore, you get at least as much help with relaxation and autosuggestion, without side effects.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • The horizon gives you stability
    If you are burdened by travel sickness, looking at the horizon can already diminish your symptoms. With this exercise you even heighten the effect of this by practicing with the physical horizon and involving the mental horizon as well.
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  • The control behind control
    In your imagination you have somewhat lost control over your surroundings. You know however that lying behind, deeper control remains and this is where you find a powerful balance and steadfastness.
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  • Flexibility around your own centre
    Your center remains very stable. At the same time, you feel your body and mind move around this center and that movement corresponds to what your senses experience. The stability of your center is very peaceful.
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  • You become as large as the world itself
    You become as large as the whole world itself. The movement that otherwise takes place around you, is now only a small part of who you are. The rest of you is very stable and reassuring.
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  • You are floating in the air
    In your imagination you become a bit detached from the ground, while this heightens your feeling of stability. It is as if you are coming loose from a moving ground and you are sliding further on a straight line.
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Scientific References
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