Teeth grinding

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The teeth of the night

Teeth grinding can happen purely at night during your sleep. It is possible then you wake in the morning with pain in the jaw. Without that, you don't know where this comes from until it becomes clear by the state of your teeth.

Not with your conscious will, but with your deeper self

Of course, by simply ‘wishing to’ you cannot determine your behavior during the night. You are then in a non-conscious state and only your subconscious (deeper self) can effectively make a difference. A good communication with your deeper self is therefore the only way to reach an eventual solution. With AURELIS, you accomplish an important step in this.

Confidence is important

Don’t expect a direct solution too quickly. A solution comes at its own pace. As always, keeping confidence in yourself is very important and is in itself also a good contribution to autosuggestion. Especially deep confidence is important: continuing to believe deeply within yourself that it will all end well eventually.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • The message: sleeping without grinding one's teeth
    You give your deeper self an intense, repeated message that your teeth grinding will diminish or disappear during the night. You are very friendly and patient toward yourself, but not slack.
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  • Your teeth co-decide at night
    During the night, your teeth appear to have the ability to decide whether the grinding will continue or not. By doing this session deeply and repeatedly, you grant them this ability.
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  • Tension in your jaws as a signal for slow relaxation
    You practice that each time you feel tension in your jaw, this changes into a slow relaxation of your jaw and yourself as a person. This reaction becomes an automatism continues working at night.
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  • At night there is between your teeth a living membrane that awakens you
    In your imagination, your teeth remain apart from each other. If they  touch each other when you don't wish them to, a kind of 'living membrane' comes into action that awakens you if your teeth do not immediately part from each other.
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  • In your teeth a large feeling of freedom or constraint on freedom
    Your attention is on your teeth. You notice a clear feeling of freedom or constraint according to whether the grinding has occurred recently or not. This in itself is a very (un)pleasant feeling and a deep motivation to grow as a total person beyond this problem.
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