Taking farewell of a relationship

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We all have a farewell many times in our life. For example, of a house, a person, a nice holiday, an idea (of youthfulness, of infallibility…). Therefore, it’s strange to consider that ‘farewell’ doesn’t actually exist in itself. It’s a perception, a way of thinking. It ‘exists’ only for who experiences it as such. For example, two people who accidentally meet each other on the street, take no farewell of each other in passing by. Two lovers on the airport of Orly who are not going to see each other again for a long time, certainly do. Before the farewell something else is necessary, namely a feeling of being together.

Each painful ‘taking farewell’ is a bit like dying

The previous is more interesting than it seems at first sight, because it points to the fact that a painful ‘taking farewell’ is also strongly linked with the feeling of being-together that precedes. As it happens, the depth of it and thus also the quality of this depth. Of course in these previous sentences, are present two concepts that are not easily graspable. It is therefore not the intention to pass a judgment about this. It is clear, however that in the French saying ‘Dire adieu, c'est comme mourir un peu’ there is a wisdom that one cannot pass just like that. Because it is the case that each painful farewell is a little like dying, and it is also the case that even the most beautiful and the most deeply sensitive farewell doesn’t need to be painful.

Then where does the pain come from?

‘Dying’ is not equal to ‘disappearing in the absolute void’. This last is, as it happens, simply as follows: something/someone is there… and then something/someone isn’t there anymore. Period. No emotion. ‘To die’ on the other hand is linked to emotion within those who live, not through disappearing, but through being torn apart. More specifically: your ‘deeper self’ (your ‘soul’) is being torn apart. Namely: a part is still there and a part is no longer there, because a part has gone along with that/him/her of whom you had to take farewell. For example, someone else dies. In this sense, you are actually the one who really dies. The symbolism of this is not a small deal!

The art of ‘taking farewell’

You can prevent your soul from getting torn by giving attention to a complete being present with that / the other. In other words: by not being ‘attached’ (attachment = glue = a possible tear when pulling apart) but ‘being complete’. You are entirely there and then you are entirely here and then you return to be entirely there, also afterwards in your memory. Herein lies no disrespect or lack of love. On the contrary. For you cannot completely and ‘without tears’ go there if you don’t go there completely from here. This AURELIS domain has been developed to support this.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Appreciating a beautiful environment of which you then take farewell
    You are very much present in beautiful surroundings (symbol for a relationship). Perhaps there is also someone with you whom you like very much. You intensely enjoy this while you know that will soon be over. Just a bit later it's over and it feels good, you do not lack anything.
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  • One step further: in an environment as in your soul
    Perhaps it's the same environment as in the previous session. It feels strongly as if you are present in this environment in your soul (deeper self). Everything is full of deep meaning. At the end, you take back your whole soul.
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  • Farewell in unconditional love
    At the end of a relationship or after a relationship, you can say goodbye to each other with much love. At the same time, you feel no frustration about the past. You send your love to the other and as a result of this, how you feel yourself is entirely up to you.
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  • Back to when the relationship went very well
    In your imagination, you return to a period when your relationship went very well. You are realistic and open about what went well, without any wounds. You can enjoy the good times and the present.
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  • Transformation from within into a new 'you'
    Without getting rid of anything, you change from within into a new 'you'. You become stronger, firmer and gentler. There is no weakness inside you that hardens. You are also stronger for possible new relationships. This happens entirely from free choice.
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