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More in periods of stress

Someone who stutters is almost always more burdened by it in a period of stress. Thereby the stuttering itself is generally an important additional cause of stress. Learning to relax in an appropriate way is already a part of the solution.

The expectation heightens the burden

The expectation that you will stutter, strongly heightens the burden. That expectation is a kind of autosuggestion that acts in the direction of a strengthening of the problem. With AURELIS on the other hand you use autosuggestion in the desired direction. You learn to build faith in a smooth pronunciation, partly by planting this as a habit into your own deeper self.

A wall that you can only pass with difficulty

‘Stuttering’ can feel like a wall that you can only pass with difficulty. Forcing an opening is like the use of a battering ram with which you make a breach in the wall after a number of heavy beats. However, quickly another wall stands behind the first one. This way you can immediately restart your efforts.

Finding open doors

With AURELIS you learn to find within yourself the open doors that make the existence of the rest of the wall unimportant. By practising in the searching of doors , it goes better and better. Quickly a new wall means little or no more detention.

Effective solution

If you are in treatment for your stuttering, do not end that too quickly. Talk about your experiences with AURELIS and use them in order to work together towards an effective solution.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Wait until you are certain that you do not stutter
    This is an exercise in not speaking immediately, but waiting until you are ready while you relax. Only when you are certain of this, do you speak. Practise this first in your thoughts.
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  • Autovisualization
    In your imagination you see yourself speaking without any problem. You can even make a public speech about stuttering without stuttering yourself.
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  • Practising with vowels
    You let a vowel resound in your head. You start pronouncing the vowel only when you are entirely ready for it.
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  • Doors that open themselves because you want it
    You imagine doors that you can only open with difficulty. The more you push, the more they push back. If you stop pushing, but simply wish for them to open , it wiwll do so automatically. You step through the door without any problem.
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  • Letting the tension fly through you
    In your imagination you let tension come and then each time again you let it fly through you. Through this you gain more confidence. Tension can no longer build inside you and can no longer lead to annoying stuttering.
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