Strong compassion

Heal Your Self 

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Compassion is not commiseration

Compassion is not about suffering together with others. It’s about seeing the suffering of others (and oneself) at a deeper level. This is a level at which suffering is less obviously ‘suffering’. Attention: without strong depth, the meaning of this last sentence can be very difficult to grasp. This whole domain may demand very much of you.

The good is the beautiful

Moreover, not only the suffering is seen in compassion, but also the endless beauty and everything this beauty is. The good and the beautiful coincide. This insight is not obvious of course, and can fairly shake someone who reaches the deeper layers of it.

Twisting paths

If you try to seize ‘it’, then you place a fence between ‘it’ and yourself. It’s okay to feel that these sessions are not immediately appropriate for you. Please have the compassion to not want to enforce anything. Life is a long path and all kinds of things happen on the most twisting paths. What seems strange today, is the most normal thing next year. Let it happen. The only good advice that I can think of is this: keep an openness in which you can appreciate yourself for who you are. Each person is a fantastic being if he or she entirely shows oneself, or if he or she is entirely seen.

Eventual goal

The deeper is always somewhat closer to the eventual underlying where ‘always everything is good’. We are also close to the Large Compassion that religions in the East and West talk about (with for instance figures such as Maria or Guan-Shi-Yin). You can also consider this (rightfully, according to me) as the eventual goal of evolution, even in face of the present difficulty to bring together ‘goal of evolution’ and rationality.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Yourself in yourself
    Being open for Yourself in yourself, is an attitude you can consciously adopt that you call a pose. If you really let yourself go, this is a powerful pose. From the contact with your deeper self, a powerful compassion can flow for everything in and around you.
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  • The big Letting Happen
    In depth and respect everything is always okay. This session is a meditation on that insight. A 'Letting Happen' is very different from a 'letting happen' of course. You Let Happen, in the sense that buckets of compassion overflow almost automatically.
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  • The suffering of yourself transforms itself in your heart
    At each movement of breath, you let the suffering that takes place in your life go to your own heart, where it transforms itself into something you call 'strength'. Each time you also get a proof - if that is necessary- of love.
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  • The suffering of the world transforms itself in your heart
    After the previous exercise, you can do the same with the suffering of the whole world. This doesn't need to be overwhelming at all. On the contrary, you grow as a person to rise above that suffering. You eventually feel yourself become the 'strength of nature' that you always have been.
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  • Infinite compassion
    This is a session to do after the previous one. Real compassion knows no boundaries; it goes infinitely further and can take you along. The compassionate transforms himself/herself. This is the simplest and most breathtaking thing on this planet.
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