Strengthening a coaching session

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After an AURELIS coaching session

After a coaching session, it’s always interesting to spend a little more time and possibly write something about what you have just encountered. During a session, valuable insights can arise from within you. Even then, in order to let them be really valuable to you, you have to incorporate them within yourself. A very important part of the ‘work’ involved with a session effectively happens around the session. This AURELIS domain serves to support this additionally somewhat. Of course, you remain the one who has to do it. It’s not a hammer with which you beat a nail in the wall. YOU are the hammer and the nail and the wall. And of course also the one who beats, but you better not exaggerate the importance of this last element.

Who is the coach then?

By doing this not long after a coaching session, you can again and/or further on enjoy the particular aspect of the coach you were just at and the conversation you just had with that coach. You can examine again what you yourself thought and felt. You can even let new questions arise and think about how the coach would react on this according to you. You then actually bring a bit of self-coaching to yourself - you become your own coach. It’s interesting to write something down about this and discuss it with your coach next time. An AURELIS coach becomes all the more interesting (for both) as you go forward in between sessions.

Your growth is the only intention

That seems obvious. But included in this is also that the diminishing of symptoms is not the first intention, but only a side effect of growth. Important is to always realize that real growth is incomparable to what you can expect of a pill, nor with what the simple taking of a pill demands of you (as it happens, practically nothing). You need to invest more in growth (time, patience, yourself) but you also get a lot more in return (your total self!). Moreover, you not only do this for yourself. Each person who grows, brings through this something positive into the world. Eventually, this (and I really mean each bit of this) also comes to the good of the whole world. The strengthening of a coaching session is therefore important enough.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Back with the coach
    You imagine that you are with the coach again. You think of one or two things that especially touched you. You simply keep these before you. Nothing more. You can feel that something inside you is being further touched by this even though you consciously don't know by what or how.
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  • Validation in the future
    You have perhaps discussed a possible change one way or another. You can imagine a future in which this change has already occurred. With this session, you can examine how this feels and what perhaps is still needed for that purpose.
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  • Validation in the future, very powerful
    Continuation of the previous session: You imagine having made the change something that is appropriate for you. There is no way back. You are entirely that 'grown you'. See how well you know what you want and how you strongly, yet gently carry this out.
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  • Looking back at the evolution until 'now'
    You are now in the future of a previous session. You can look back and see how you have come to this. What obstacles did you have to take and how did you handle that? You can probably write down some questions after this session that you want to present to your coach next time.
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  • Feel the growth within yourself
    You can feel within yourself to what degree you are ready for the growth which probably has been spoken during the previous coaching session. You can even feel, without consciously knowing how, that this growth is underway, at this moment, one way or another.
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