Staying strong in growth

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What it means

It’s difficult to indicate what ‘growth’ precisely means. It’s actually difficult to indicate what ‘strong’ precisely means. Placed close to each other they perhaps both already automatically clarify each other easier. The ‘strength’ is Inner Strength of AURELIS, with the arrow also targeted outside. ‘Growth’ is eventually the intention of the whole project.

Being strong, is the intention

To ‘grow’ in a good way makes one stronger. But it can sometimes give the feeling of ‘the parts becoming somewhat more separated from each other’. As if the becoming larger of your space tears you somewhat apart. It’s a feeling of being more sensitive to what comes to you from outside. A feeling of being more open to both the good and the bad. What sometimes leads to a less agreeable feeling is still okay, but it’s not necessarily the intention. If you feel yourself not as well, then it’s interesting to specifically give attention to being strong, like with this domain.

Don’t enforce

If you force yourself to look ‘grown’ (to yourself or to others), then it’s possible that precisely because of this you feel strength flowing away from you in a certain way. Sometimes, it's even better to put a step back again. A tree also grows slowly. As a result of this it has all the time to become very firm. Exercising the necessary patience, is certainly appropriate.

It doesn’t necessarily have to go slowly.

Only, not too fast. Keeping this pace, is not as simple as it seems. It’s all too human to want to seize ‘fast and much’ as soon as one notices somewhere the opportunity for that. That is not very efficient because anyway it will backfire afterwards.

Growth in strength

A good way of growing, therefore eventually means that you become more powerful. In this also resides a morality. It is morally good to strive for this strength in growth and growth in strength. If wide people are powerful, they can transform the world. Both in the big and in the small, this is very much needed.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • The flower opens and stays strong
    In your imagination, you see a flower bud that is on the brink of opening. It strikes you how strong and powerful this flower bud looks. Then the flower slowly opens, losing none of its strength. The sun is shining and gives it extra energy.
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  • Sensitivity: gentle and firm
    Sensitivity is sometimes considered synonymous to vulnerability. This is unfortunate because it keeps many people from (daring to) showing their sensitive sides. This session is a meditation about how softness and firmness can coincide to reach a deep, powerful sensitivity.
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  • Breathe growth and strength
    You breathe growth for a while. At each inhalation, you inhale growth. At each exhalation you send this growth further into your body. Then you do the same with strength. You continue with this after the session.
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  • It's your landscape
    You can grow and therefore change, but at the same time you always remain yourself. Your mental landscape doesn't change into something else, it becomes more powerful. As it happens: those elements become wider, each bit making the whole stronger, which you are ready for.
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  • Always continue filling the bucket
    Whatever happens, you can continue 'filling your bucket'. If you do not have the impression that you are busy with this, you can notice that you are wider and also standing stronger because of this.
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