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Good mental breakfast

A stitch in time saves nine. This AURELIS indication is a good mental breakfast to start the day in optimal condition. It is not the intention that you do this session in the morning, but that you think back on it in the morning and you then let the energy of it come over you.

The night is a period of renewal

In addition to this, the night is in itself in many respects a period of renewal, both mentally and physically. This renewal is needed to be active by day. Through sending the correct message to your own deeper self, this renewal becomes more efficient. The result is that you automatically awaken in the morning, with a fresh morning feeling and that you find pleasure the whole day through in your replenished batteries. Whether you are an evening person or a morning person, makes little difference.

Motivating satisfaction

This is gold that during the night has changed from lead in a magical way. With AURELIS, you give yourself a substantial aid to make this change process succeed. Threats become challenges. Frustrations become agreeable desires. The emphasis shifts from ‘never enough’ to a motivating satisfaction. This will be another pleasant day.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • The night as a cradle for energy
    At night you reload yourself with energy. It is as if in the morning you awake reborn with a surplus of energy.
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  • Morning meditation
    A rather flowing meditation, like a song of praise for the morning, is a time in which the day begins full of life and renewed strength.
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  • 'Saying thanks' for the day that comes
    You thank yourself for each new day, a day full of pleasure and captivating challenges.
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  • After a night as a butterfly pupa you awaken as a butterfly
    At night you are like a butterfly pupa in which many changes happen and you awake in the morning like a butterfly and can enjoy the day with a lot of energy.
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  • Tomorrow becomes a new day full of nice challenges
    You reflect over the nice challenges of the next day. Through this reflection, the challenges become nicer, both beforehand and during the day itself.
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