Stage fright

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Some stage fright is normal and motivating

Everyone who has to do a public performance now and then can talk about it firsthand. It is very normal and it is not the intention of this indication to release you from all stage fright immediately and just like that. Even professional people say that a certain degree of stage fright positively influences their work by motivating and inspiring them.

A good attitude concerning stage fright

Therefore, it's important to develop a good attitude concerning stage fright. You can best do that by taking into account yourself as a complete person. Your deeper self is very important in this. Suffering from stage fright is no conscious choice. It is the consequence of patterns that are present within your deeper self and that come forward when one way or the other they are recognized within patterns in the surroundings.

Patterns to stage fright

‘Will I completely go down and lose face? Will I have forgotten what I have to say? Are people going to see how nervous I am within? Will people walk away? Etc. Enough conscious questions that lead you to a fear response. Your subconscious too comes with questions: Will it happen like that at first (consciously forgotten) occasion a very long time ago? Stage fright guaranteed. If this happens sometimes, then you have a pattern that heightens itself at each recurrence. Already you are expecting stage fright that, through this expectation, becomes reality.

With AURELIS on stage

With AURELIS you can, without much analysis, open up the meaning of these negative questions and let them work for you instead of against you. You do that by an appropriate communication with your deeper self. An additional advantage of addressing your deeper self in this situation is that you can also expect aid on the field of inspiration and charisma. ‘Charisma’ particularly is a very suggestive happening whereby a direct communication from subconscious to subconscious plays a large role.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • A dive in cold water
    In your imagination you dive in 'cold water' and simply start swimming. Through your movements you quickly warm up and further on it goes very well. You taste the feeling of success.
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  • Converting stress from stage freight into a good performance
    At each inhalation you inhale rest and calmness. At each exhalation some stress flows away from your stage freight and towards a good performance. After a short period of time you experience a clear effect.
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  • The public changes you deep within
    As soon as you are standing before a public, one way or the other you become different. It is as if you get a lot of energy from the public to give yourself and to find that a good production is the only thing that matters, irrespective of other circumstances.
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  • You and the public are one
    As soon as you start with a reading or a performance, it is as if only one entity exists, in which the public and you are entirely at home. If you want to know how the public will react to something, you only need to look within yourself.
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  • A dance with the attention of your public
    In your imagination you are busy with a reading or performance. Everything is as it should be. It is as if in a very relaxed way you are performing inside yourself a dance with the attention of your public as a compliant dancing partner.
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