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Mental training

‘Mental training’ is interesting for both top sportsmen and recreational sportsmen. For top sportsmen the difference between winning and losing no longer lies in their nutrition or in techniques of physical training. It lies more and more in their mental strength. This is mainly determined by a good way of mental training. But also to people for whom sport is merely recreation, the mental aspect is important. This way you can with a suitable mental training raise your motivation in order to do sport and to continue doing it in a healthy way. You can improve your technique both by anticipating a sports performance and by rehearsing it afterwards. As a result of this, you obtain more pleasure from sports.

Pleasure in sports

With AURELIS as much as possible care has been taken not to just pep you up towards training more and harder. Pleasure in sports is of the first and utmost importance. Of course your responsibility is not to pep yourself up to excesses.

Training for body and mind

The original intention of sport is a training for body and mind. You can therefore also look at this AURELIS-indication as a beautiful final piece of a circle: beside physical training also a mental training for a better, that is especially: more satisfactory exercise of your favorite sport.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Motivation to do sports - general
    Really deep motivation develops from within. You focus specifically upon the pleasure of sports and having enjoyed sports. You find new feelings of strength and energy. You feel the challenge within yourself. You see yourself as a winner, in the first place of overcoming yourself. Nothing in yourself stops you on the way to success and vigor.
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  • Visualization of yourself as a role model
    In your imagination you transport yourself into a sports-loving person whom you admire because of his / her capacities. It still feels as if you are the one, but furthermore you react like that other person. Through this you make his / her capacities into yours from within.
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  • Better technique - before the sporting exercise
    You can imagine beforehand how your muscles move themselves. You can clearly distinguish the movements and see yourself as your coach would. You give yourself good advise and encouragement. At the same time, you can practice the perfect movements by repeating them slowly in your thoughts. As you can see, this training is just as important for your muscles as real physical training.
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  • Better technique - after the sporting exercise
    You can imagine again a past athletic sequence during which you were executing a certain movement well. You can repeat this several times and groove it deeper into your memory. You can also return to a sequence in which you did something wrong, analyse that sequence thoroughly, and in your imagination change element after element of what went wrong into correct movements. Through this, the correct movement  naturally becomes a part of you.
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  • Competition: the emotions of a winner
    You imagine that you are looking at a screen and see yourself completing an optimum performance. You can do this without any doubt about yourself or self-deception. This feeling of confident performance works is a powerful communication. Being a winner already becomes a familiar idea.
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