Speaking jerkily (logospasm)

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Self-perpetuating pattern

Speaking jerkily can be a large impediment socially and is also often the result of a social impediment. This is a vicious circle or self-perpetuating pattern. You can see it as a groove that you make deeper through ‘exercise’. It is important then to practice outside of the groove. You can do that in your imagination as well as in reality. Afterwards, the reality follows the imagination.

Of course: stress

You probably notice for yourself, that speaking becomes more difficult in periods of negative stress. Regular relaxation and practicing techniques of stress-resistance are therefore certainly interesting. You can also find these in the concerned indications of AURELIS.

Letting go

You will have to learn to ‘let go’ of your voice. Perhaps somewhere deep inside you lives a fear or uncooperativeness about this, an apprehension from which you perhaps say things you would rather keep to yourself. That is possible, but not necessarym of course. With the indication symptom exploration you can work on this if you desire to.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • You wait to talk until you find a deep relaxation
    In your imagination you have all the time - you can wait until your vocal cords are entirely relaxed before you start talking. You also have the certainty that while talking the relaxation remains.
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  • In a temple of Isis - deep relaxation of your vocal cords
    You go to an Egyptian temple in ancient Greece. Everything breathes rest and deep confidence. You feel this rest and confidence act upon your vocal cords. You immediately feel an effect and an increasing effect in the long run.
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  • Your real voice follows your own imagined voice
    It's as if your real voice is always attracted by a voice that precedes it. Through this, the talking becomes much easier.
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  • Your breath vaporises through the cramped region and makes it soft
    With each breath you feel your breath vaporize as if it were traveling through a cramped region. Your breath itself makes the whole area soft and you can talk without the annoying problem.
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  • You step out of the groove of speaking jerkily
    Speaking jerkily can be like a kind of groove that you are making always deeper. By clearly getting out of it in your imagination, you make it easier for yourself to also get out of it in reality. A groove that is not actively deepened, after a while becomes automatically less important.
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