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From social inconvenience to social phobia

Afraid to go off in a social situation. Afraid to be closely examined by others or to be assessed… Many people do not always feel equally at ease in whatever social situation. Earlier experiences often play a role in this, which reinforces the problem in a vicious circle. There is a very gradual transition between social inconvenience and a social phobia. Blushing, trembling, dizziness, attacks of transpiration, heart palpitations, stuttering, not knowing what to say … A real social phobia can be very invalidating. It can lead to calling off important appointments, exaggerated worry and fear of failure. In addition to this, it is difficult to get out of it without first breaking through the phobia itself. You get caught in your phobia as well as in your social isolation.


Social inconvenience often originates from a kind of hypersensitivity. All kinds of things touch you more than they do other people, also in social situations. What is normal in a relationship appears more readily (appropriately or not) as an aggression.

Fighting against it is a painful proces

Trying to overcome the social phobia by fighting it, is what you may have tried. It is a painful process and can even work conversely: causing negative experiences that increase the fear. Violent emotional outbursts make you avoid similar situations even more, either consciously or subconsciously. In addition to this, social situations are often wrongly assessed (‘They are laughing at me’) and through this, they reinforce the aversive energy.


With AURELIS however, it is possible to get out of the negative circles. You don’t break through a circle, but you go one layer deeper inside yourself, where a solution can grow in a natural way. It happens spontaneously. Working with AURELIS heightens your feeling of self-reliance in a non-aggressive way. This is very important in your case.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Visualization of yourself in a social situation
    You imagine yourself in a social situation in which you normally have some difficulty. Now everything goes perfectly, there is no moment that you feel inconvenience or doubt.
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  • Others give you strength and relaxation
    People all resemble each other and have differences too, which is very normal. However, behind the possible defense mechanisms always exists a very human person. No enemy but a friend who can give you strength and relaxation.
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  • A social idea as a talisman
    A positive thought about humanity in its entirety comes to you. You feel linked to this whole and at the same time you strongly feel this idea helps you overcome your own social fear.
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  • Always linked with a centre of well-being and strength
    In whatever social situation you feel linked to a center of well-being and strength. Through this, you feel more at ease everywhere. You feel that you can manage almost anything and that feeling helps you effectively reach this goal.
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  • An invisible wall that you step through
    The inconvenience in social situations is like an invisible wall between you and the others, or between you and the one who you would like to be. In your imagination you notice this invisible wall and you step through it. You change as a person into a more social character, as if a charge falls from your shoulders that otherwise retained you.
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