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Making as little effort as possible

In order to fall asleep as quickly as possible, it is best that you do as little effort as possible. All chronic insomniacs know that doing effort makes falling asleep more difficult. Instead of this, you can learn to trust your own deeper self. That deeper self perfectly ‘knows’ how to fall asleep quickly and without problems, as well as to continue sleeping during the night so that the next day you are fit and rested.

Communication to the deeper self

So make your pattern of expectations positive and communicate to your own deeper self that a good night’s sleep is very important to you. In this way you mobilize the inner strength which is available to everyone. The fact that 12% of people in the West suffer from severe sleeping problems, is a proof that this is not altogether evident. On the contrary! It presupposes something else than normal will power. This ‘something else’ is attained through the use of AURELIS, as it is a powerful instrument for communication with your own deeper self. Auto-suggest yourself into sleep and you find not only a good and comfortable sleep, but above that also a better health and well-being in the daytime.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Direct induction of sleep during the session itself
    During an Aurelis-session, you are guided, in a friendly way, towards a state from which you can easily glide into a restful sleep. For this session, it is better to choose no 'exit'. Make sure you are lying down before starting the session.
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  • Your memory as a source of good sleep
    Everyone has periods in his or her life where an agreeable sleep comes without issue. By planting yourself into a picture from your memory, you indirectly get the opportunity to relive this experience.
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  • Imagination: all worries disappear behind a curtain
    Imagine letting all of your troubles glide behind the curtain of your bedroom. What remains is a peaceful rest that invites you to sleep.
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  • Imagination: your favorite holiday resort
    You return to a memory of rest or an imaginary holiday resort. There are no worries. Everything is fine. Nothing keeps you from a good sleep.
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  • Imagination: sleep comes over you as a sheet
    A 'magic sheet' comes over you slowly. Everywhere that it touches you, you feel an intense craving for sleep enter your body and mind.
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  • Heightening the effect of medication for a good night's rest
    Medication always has a better effect if you orient your mind in a positive manner towards a specific purpose. You can compare this with a placebo effect over which you yourself have control. You can attain this advantage through this session.
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  • Several anchors to sleeping ritual
    You condition your own body and mind to expect more sleep by cleaning your teeth, dressing for sleep, climbing in bed, or things that you choose.
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  • Putting aside cares and worries
    People with sleeping problems often take their cares along with them to bed. With this exercise, you learn to focus your attention away from all problems. The next day, with a fresh and clear head, you can better tackle them.
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  • Accepting disturbing ideas and then letting them go
    You accept disturbing ideas, keep them in your attention for a while and let them automatically slip away. By not fighting against them, they lose much of their energy with which they otherwise would keep you awake.
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  • Letting yourself go in a well doing sleep
    Falling asleep means a certain moment one lets oneself simply drift away into sleep. With this exercise, you can make this process much easier.
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  • Imagination: launching balloons and sinking down oneself
    In your thoughts you see yourself lying on a large plank that floats in the air by means of a large number of balloons. Each balloon is a symbol for cause of your insomnia. You cut through the wires one after one and as a result, you slowly sink down into sleep.
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  • Use of sounds from the surroundings
    If you cannot sleep because of unavoidable noise, you can learn to use the noise as an anchor that helps you to sleep more easily.
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  • Descending a staircase towards an always deeper rest and sleep
    This is a technique you can find in the general relaxation methods. The staircase here is a metaphor for a deepening awareness while awake.
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  • Tropical island with waterfall
    On a tropical island you take a dive in a small lake of water with a very pleasant temperature. A bit further you can rinse away all your worries. Everything is peaceful. You are lying on a gentle surface and quietly slide into deep sleep.
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  • Veranda and beautiful garden
    Lying in the grass of a beautiful garden you enjoy all the beautiful forms, colors and sounds. You are tired and everything invites you to a refreshing sleep.
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  • Good sleep for good quality of being awake
    If you think that sleeping is 'losing time' while you still have so much to do the next day, you can better assume that the quality of your sleep a determining factor for your productivity the next day.
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